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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-01Language and linguistics/siscourse and disciplinarityPennycook, AD; BarronB; Bruce, N; Nunan, D
2013-01Language policies, language ideologies and local language practicesPennycook, AD; Wee, L; Goh, RBH; Lim, L
2002-01Language policy and docile bodies: Hong Kong and governmentalityPennycook, AD; Tollefson, JW
2017-01Language Policy and Local PracticesPennycook, AD; García,, O; Flores, N
2004-01Language policy and the ecological turnPennycook, AD
2007-01Language, localization, and the real: Hip-hop and the global spread of authenticityPennycook, AD
2008-01Language-free Linguistics and Linguistics-free LanguagesPennycook, AD; Mahboob, A; Knight, N
2012-01Lingua Francas as Language IdeologiesPennycook, AD; Kirkpatrick, A; Sussex, R
2003-01Linguistica Aplicada pos-OcidentalPennycook, AD; Jose, M; coracini, RF; Bertoldo, ES
2015-12-11Making scents of the landscapePennycook, AD; Otsuji, E
2016-06-30Mobile times, mobile terms: The trans-super-poly-metro movementPennycook, AD; Coupland, N
2005-01The modern mission: The language effects of ChristianityPennycook, AD; Makoni, S
2007-01The myth of English as an international languagePennycook, AD; Makoni, S; Pennycook, A
2004-01The myth of English as an international languagePennycook, AD
2004-01Os limites da linguisticaPennycook, AD; Silva, FLD; Rajagopalan, K
2004-01Performativity and language studiesPennycook, AD
2005-01Performing the personalPennycook, AD
2005-01The perils of language ecologyPennycook, AD; May, S
2004-01Peripheral visions and invisible englishesPennycook, AD; Dokou, C; Mitsi, E; Mitsikopoulou
2016-05-23Politics, power relationships and ELTPennycook, AD; Hall, G