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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2016Pain among hospitalized older people with heart failure and their preparation to manage this symptom on discharge: a descriptive-observational study.Bhattarai, P; Hickman, L; Phillips, JL
Jan-2011Palliative Care Clinical Trials: How nurses are contributing to ethical, integrated and evidence based care of palliative care patients participating in clinical trialsHosie, A; Fazekas, B; Shelby-James, T; Mills, E; Byfieldt, N; Margitanovic, V; Hunt, J; Phillips, JL
2015Palliative Care in the Nursing HomePhillips, JL; Davidson, P; Hosie, A; Cherny, N; Fallon, M; Kaasa, S; Portenoy, R; Currow, D; Morita, J
Jan-2014Palliative Care in the Nursing HomePhillips, JL; Cherny, N; Fallon, M; Kaasa, S; Portenoy, R; Currow, CD; Morita, J
Jan-2011Palliative caregivers who would not take on the role againCurrow, D; Burns, C; Agar, M; Phillips, JL; McCaffrey, N; Abernethy, A
2015Palliative medicine and care of the elderlyAgar, M; Phillips, JL; Cherny, N; Fallon, M; Kaasa, S; Portenoy, R; Currow, D; Morita, J
Jan-2013Pharmacovigilance in hospice/palliative care. Net effect of haloperidol for deliriumCrawford, G; Agar, M; Quinn, S; Phillips, JL; Litster, C; Michael, N; Doogue, M; Rowett, D; Currow, D
7-May-2015Policies on palliative care for older people in AustraliaCurrow, D; Phillips, JL
Nov-2016Predictors of Mortality for Delirium in Palliative Care.Agar, MR; Quinn, SJ; Crawford, GB; Ritchie, CS; Phillips, JL; Collier, A; Currow, DC
Jan-2008Preparing for the worst while hoping for the best: The relevance of hope in the heart failure illness trajectoryDavidson, PM; Dracup, K; Phillips, JL; Daly, J; Padilla, G
Aug-2016Prevalence and characteristics of Australian women who use prayer or spiritual healing: A nationally representative cross-sectional study.Rao, A; Hickman, LD; Phillips, JL; Sibbritt, D
Mar-2018Quality and Usability of Arthritic Pain Self-Management Apps for Older Adults: A Systematic Review.Bhattarai, P; Newton-John, TRO; Phillips, JL
2016Quantifying the burden of opioid medication errors in adult oncology and palliative care settings: A systematic reviewHeneka, N; Shaw, T; Rowett, D; Phillips, JL
Jan-2006Residential aged care: The last frontier for palliative carePhillips, JL; Davidson, PM; Jackson, DE; Kristjanson, L; Daly, J; Curran, J
Jan-2014Role ambiguity, role conflict or burnout: are these areas of concern for Australian palliative care volunteers?Phillips, JL; Andrews, L; Hickman, L
Jan-2017The role of digital health technologies in management of pain in older people: An integrative review.Bhattarai, P; Phillips, JL
Feb-2017Sleep disturbances in caregivers of patients with advanced cancer: A systematic review.Maltby, KF; Sanderson, CR; Lobb, EA; Phillips, JL
2013Spaced EducationHeneka, N; Phillips, JL
Jan-2008Supporting patients and their caregivers after-hours at the end of life: the role of telephone supportPhillips, JL; Davidson, PM; Newton, PJ; DiGiacomo, M
Jan-2007A survey of commitment and compassion among nurses in residential aged carePhillips, JL; Davidson, PM; Ollerton, R; Jackson, DE; Kristjanson, L