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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Tailoring deep level surface defects in ZnO nanorods for high sensitivity ammonia gas sensingAnantachaisilp, S; Smith, SM; Ton-That, C; Osotchan, T; Moon, AR; Phillips, MR
1-Jan-2005Thin films of ZnO and ZnMnO by atomic layer epitaxyWojcik, A; Kopalko, K; Godlewski, M; Lusakowska, E; Guziewicz, E; Minikayev, R; Paszkowicz, W; Swiatek, K; Klepka, M; Jakiela, R; Kiecana, M; Sawicki, M; Dybko, K; Phillips, MR
1-Dec-2012Three-dimensional electron energy deposition modeling of cathodoluminescence emission near threading dislocations in gan and electron-beam lithography exposure parameters for a PMMA resistDemers, H; Poirier-Demers, N; Phillips, MR; De Jonge, N; Drouin, D
20-Nov-2002Time resolved analysis of the positive ion dynamics in the variable pressure scanning electron microscopePhillips, MR; Morgan, SW
7-Oct-2011Titanium-assisted growth of silica nanowires: From surface-matched to free-standing morphologiesCallsen, G; Reparaz, JS; Wagner, MR; Vierck, A; Phillips, MR; Thomsen, C; Hoffmann, A
1-Mar-2006Transient analysis of gaseous electron-ion recombination in the environmental scanning electron microscopeMorgan, SW; Phillips, MR
21-Apr-2008Tuning the bandgap of InAs quantum dots by selective-area MOCVDMokkapati, S; Wong-Leung, J; Tan, HH; Jagadish, C; McBean, KE; Phillips, MR
1-Jan-1997Type I and type II alignment of the light hole band in In<inf>0.15</inf>Ga<inf>0.85</inf>As/GaAs and in In<inf>0.15</inf>Ga<inf>0.85</inf>As/Al<inf>0.15</inf>Ga<inf>0.85</inf>As strained quantum wellsGoldys, EM; Zuo, HY; Phillips, MR; Contessa, CM; Vaughan, MR; Tansley, TL
1-Dec-2019Vacancy cluster in ZnO films grown by pulsed laser depositionWang, Z; Luo, C; Anwand, W; Wagner, A; Butterling, M; Rahman, MA; Phillips, MR; Ton-That, C; Younas, M; Su, S; Ling, FCC
1-Dec-2012Very early poststroke aphasia therapy: A pilot randomized controlled efficacy trialGodecke, E; Hird, K; Lalor, EE; Rai, T; Phillips, MR
15-Jul-2016Wafer-scale epitaxial lift-off of optoelectronic grade GaN from a GaN substrate using a sacrificial ZnO interlayerRajan, A; Rogers, DJ; Ton-That, C; Zhu, L; Phillips, MR; Sundaram, S; Gautier, S; Moudakir, T; El-Gmili, Y; Ougazzaden, A; Sandana, VE; Teherani, FH; Bove, P; Prior, KA; Djebbour, Z; McClintock, R; Razeghi, M
1-Aug-2006X-ray mapping and post processingWuhrer, R; Moran, K; Phillips, MR
1-Oct-2010X-ray mapping and scatter diagram analysis of the discoloring products resulting from the interaction of artist's pigmentsWhite, R; Thomas, P; Phillips, MR; Moran, K; Wuhrer, R
1-Aug-2006X-ray mapping using a multiple-EDS (DUAL) detectorsWuhrer, R; Moran, K; Phillips, MR; Davey, P
20-Nov-2002X-ray microanalysis of insulators in a variable pressure environmentToth, M; Craven, JP; Phillips, MR; Thiel, BL; Donald, AM
15-Mar-2002X-ray spectrometry investigation of electrical isolation in GaNKucheyev, SO; Toth, M; Phillips, MR; Williams, JS; Jagadish, C; Li, G