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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2007Bi-modal emotion recognition from expressive face and body gesturesGunes, H; Piccardi, M
11-Dec-2016Bidirectional LSTM-CRF for Clinical Concept ExtractionChalapathy, R; Zare Borzeshi, E; Piccardi, M
1-Jul-2016Big data meets multimedia analyticsChua, TS; He, X; Liu, W; Piccardi, M; Wen, Y; Tao, D
1-Jan-2019BILSTM-CRF for Persian named-entity recognition armanpersonercorpus: The first entity-annotated Persian datasetPoostchi, H; Borzeshi, EZ; Piccardi, M
1-Dec-2006Bimodal face and body gesture database for automatic analysis of human nonverbal affective behaviorGunes, H; Piccardi, M
Jan-2004Bimodal Modelling of Facila and Upper-Body Gesture for Affective HCIGunes, H; Piccardi, M; Jan, T; Hyland, P; Vrazalic, L
1-Dec-2011Boosting mixtures of gaussians under normalized linear transformations for image classificationOtoom, AF; Concha, OP; Piccardi, M
15-Dec-2018Cluster Labeling by Word Embeddings and WordNet’s HypernymyPoostchi, H; Piccardi, M
1-Dec-2008Comparative performance analysis of feature sets for abandoned object classificationOtoom, AF; Gunes, H; Piccardi, M
27-Aug-2007Comparison between genetic algorithms and the Baum-Welch algorithm in learning HMMs for human activity classificationPérez, O; Piccardi, M; García, J; Patricio, MA; Molina, JM
1-Dec-2007Comparison of classifiers for human activity recognitionPérez, O; Piccardi, M; García, J; Molina, JM
1-Dec-2007Comparison of techniques for mitigating the effects of illumination variations on the appearance of human targetsMadden, C; Piccardi, M; Zuffi, S
Jan-2005A comparison of ultra wideband signal functions for wireless ad hoc networksAgbinya, JI; Truong, HD; He, X; Hintz, T; Piccardi, M; Wu, Q; Huang, M; Tien, D
28-Jan-2014Complex event recognition by latent temporal models of conceptsBorzeshi, EZ; Dehghan, A; Piccardi, M; Shah, M
1-Dec-2010Compressive Sensing of time series for human action recognitionConcha, OP; Da Xu, RY; Piccardi, M
28-Aug-2007Creating and annotating affect databases from face and body display: A contemporary surveyGunes, H; Piccardi, M
1-Jan-2002Data-type dependent cache prefetching for MPEG applicationsCucchiara, R; Prati, A; Piccardi, M
Jan-2007Detecting Major Segmentation Errors for a Tracked Person Using Colour Feature AnalysisMadden, CS; Piccardi, M; Prati, A
1-Oct-2003Detecting moving objects, ghosts, and shadows in video streamsCucchiara, R; Grana, C; Piccardi, M; Prati, A
Jan-2002Detection of Suspicious Pedestrian Behaviour Using Modified Probabilistic Neural NetworksJan, T; Piccardi, M; Hintz, TB; Kenwright, D