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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Aug-2016A pair hidden Markov support vector machine for alignment of human actionsWang, Z; Piccardi, M
1-Jan-2002Performance analysis of MPEG-4 decoder and encoderCavalli, F; Cucchiara, R; Piccardi, M; Prati, A
1-Jan-2016PersoNER: Persian named-entity recognitionPoostchi, H; Borzeshi, EZ; Abdous, M; Piccardi, M
Jan-2005Protein ontology: Vocabulary for protein dataSidhu, AS; Dillon, TS; Chang, E; Sidhu, B; He, X; Hintz, T; Piccardi, M; Wu, Q; Huang, M; Tien, D
1-Oct-2017Prototype-based budget maintenance for tracking in depth videosAwwad, S; Piccardi, M
Jan-2005QoS functions and theorems for moving wireless networksAgbinya, JI; He, X; Hintz, T; Piccardi, M; Wu, Q; Huang, M; Tien, D
1-Dec-2017Recurrent neural networks with specialized word embeddings for health-domain named-entity recognitionJauregi Unanue, I; Zare Borzeshi, E; Piccardi, M
1-Dec-2007A review of tracking methods under occlusionsZhang, Z; Piccardi, M
1-Dec-2011Robust density modelling using the student's t-distribution for human action recognitionMoghaddam, Z; Piccardi, M
1-Dec-2010Robust dimensionality reduction for human action recognitionConcha, OP; Da Xu, RY; Piccardi, M
1-Jan-2018A semi-supervised Hidden Markov topic model based on prior knowledgeSeifollahi, S; Piccardi, M; Borzeshi, EZ
27-Dec-2010Semi-supervised intelligent surveillance system for secure environmentsFookes, C; Denman, S; Lakemond, R; Ryan, D; Sridharan, S; Piccardi, M
1-Jan-2016Sequential labeling with structural SVM under an average precision lossZhang, G; Piccardi, M
1-Sep-2018Sequential Labeling with Structural SVM under Nondecomposable LossesZhang, G; Piccardi, M; Borzeshi, EZ
28-Jan-2014Sequential labeling with structural SVM under the F<inf>1</inf> lossZhang, G; Piccardi, M
20-Jul-2018A Shared Attention Mechanism for Interpretation of Neural Automatic Post-Editing SystemsJauregi Unanue, I; Zare Borzeshi, E; Piccardi, M
1-Feb-2019A simulated annealing-based maximum-margin clustering algorithmSeifollahi, S; Bagirov, A; Zare Borzeshi, E; Piccardi, M
1-Jan-2014Special issue on background modeling for foreground detection in real-world dynamic scenesBouwmans, T; Gonzàlez, J; Shan, C; Piccardi, M; Davis, L
23-May-2016Static action recognition by efficient greedy inferenceAbidi, S; Piccardi, M; Williams, MA
1-Dec-2004Stochastic boats generated acoustic target signal detection in time-frequency domainCheng, ED; Piccardi, M; Jan, T