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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Absorption enhancement using dielectric gratings for thin film solar cellsGrant, DT; Sturmberg, BCP; Dossou, KB; Botten, LC; Poulton, CG; McPhedran, RC; Martijn De Sterke, C
4-Nov-2013Absorption enhancing proximity effects in aperiodic nanowire arraysSturmberg, BCP; Dossou, KB; Botten, LC; Asatryan, AA; Poulton, CG; Mc Phedran, RC; Sterke, MD
4-Sep-2015Acoustic build-up in on-chip stimulated Brillouin scatteringWolff, C; Steel, MJ; Eggleton, BJ; Poulton, CG
1-Oct-2013Acoustic confinement and stimulated Brillouin scattering in integrated optical waveguidesPoulton, CG; Pant, R; Eggleton, BJ
8-Apr-2012Analytic theory of defects in periodically structured elastic platesPoulton, CG; Movchan, AB; Movchan, NV; Mcphedran, RC
1-Jan-2001Asymptotics of photonic band structures for doubly-periodic arraysPoulton, CG; McPhedran, RC; Nicorovici, NA; Botten, LC; Movchan, AB; McPhedran, RC; Botten, LC; Nicorovici, NA
19-Feb-2007Bound soliton pairs in photonic crystal fiberPodlipensky, A; Szarniak, P; Joly, NY; Poulton, CG; Russell, PSJ
16-Dec-2016Boundaries of practicability for integrated stimulated Brillouin scattering devicesWolff, C; Steel, MJ; Eggleton, BJ; Poulton, CG
4-Feb-2016Brillouin resonance broadening due to structural variations in nanoscale waveguidesWolff, C; Van Laer, R; Steel, MJ; Eggleton, BJ; Poulton, CG
11-Jan-2013Broadband diamagnetism in anisotropic metamaterialsLapine, M; Krylova, AK; Belov, PA; Poulton, CG; McPhedran, RC; Kivshar, YS
1-Feb-2017Cascaded forward Brillouin scattering to all Stokes ordersWolff, C; Stiller, B; Eggleton, BJ; Steel, MJ; Poulton, CG
15-Sep-2011Cavity enhanced stimulated brillouin scattering in an optical chip for multiorder Stokes generationPant, R; Li, E; Choi, DY; Poulton, CG; Madden, SJ; Luther-Davies, B; Eggleton, BJ
1-Sep-2008Characterizing photonic crystal waveguides with an expanded k-space evanescent coupling techniqueLee, MW; Grillet, C; Poulton, CG; Monat, C; Smith, CLC; Mägi, E; Freeman, D; Madden, S; Luther-Davies, B; Eggletons, BJ
12-Jul-2010Complete spectral gap in coupled dielectric waveguides embedded into metalLiu, W; Sukhorukov, AA; Miroshnichenko, AE; Poulton, CG; Xu, Z; Neshev, DN; Kivshar, YS
1-Nov-2010Convergence properties and flat bands in platonic crystal band structures using the multipole formulationPoulton, CG; McPhedran, RC; Movchan, NV; Movchan, AB
1-Aug-2004Coupling between electromagnetic and mechanical vibrations of thin-walled structuresGuenneau, S; Movchan, AB; Poulton, CG; Nicolet, A
1-Apr-2019Cross talk-free coherent multi-wavelength Brillouin interactionStiller, B; Merklein, M; Vu, K; Ma, P; Madden, SJ; Poulton, CG; Eggleton, BJ
10-Sep-2012Design for broadband on-chip isolator using stimulated Brillouin scattering in dispersion-engineered chalcogenide waveguidesPoulton, CG; Pant, R; Byrnes, A; Fan, S; Steel, MJ; Eggleton, BJ
1-Oct-2012Double-heterostructure cavities: From theory to designMahmoodian, S; Sipe, JE; Poulton, CG; Dossou, KB; Botten, LC; McPhedran, RC; De Sterke, CM
17-Aug-2016Effective impedance modeling of metamaterial structuresDossou, KB; Poulton, CG; Botten, LC