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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2018Influence of Time Pressure on Inhibitory Brain Control During Emergency DrivingKing, JT; Prasad, M; Tsai, T; Ming, YR; Lin, CT
1-Jan-2016Internet of Vehicles: Motivation, Layered Architecture, Network Model, Challenges, and Future AspectsKaiwartya, O; Abdullah, AH; Cao, Y; Altameem, A; Prasad, M; Lin, CT; Liu, X
1-Jan-2017An investigation on biometric internet securityKaiwartya, O; Prasad, M; Prakash, S; Samadhiya, D; Abdullah, AH; Rahman, SOA
24-Oct-2017IoT-Based Wireless Polysomnography Intelligent System for Sleep MonitoringLin, CT; Prasad, M; Chung, CH; Puthal, D; El-Sayed, H; Sankar, S; Wang, YK; Singh, J; Sangaiah, AK
28-Jan-2019Kernel Target Alignment based Fuzzy Least Square Twin Bounded Support Vector MachineGupta, U; Gupta, D; Prasad, M
1-Jun-2018A Layered-Coevolution-Based Attribute-Boosted Reduction Using Adaptive Quantum-Behavior PSO and Its Consistent Segmentation for Neonates Brain TissueDing, W; Lin, CT; Prasad, M; Cao, Z; Wang, J
1-Mar-2013Magnetic resonance scan-time reduction using echo predictionPaul, JS; Prasad, M; Venkatesan, R; Braun, M
19-Jan-2018A method to enhance the deep learning in an aerial imageChou, KP; Li, DL; Prasad, M; Lin, CT; Lin, WC
27-Mar-2018Motor fault detection and diagnosis based on a meta-cognitive random vector functional link networkZa'in, C; Pratama, M; Prasad, M; Puthal, D; Lim, CP; Seera, M
30-Aug-2017MSGR: A Mode-Switched Grid-Based Sustainable Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor NetworksSharma, S; Puthal, D; Tazeen, S; Prasad, M; Zomaya, AY
10-Oct-2018Multi-view Vehicle Detection based on Part Model with Active LearningPrasad, M; Liu, CL; Li, DL; Jha, C; Lin, CT
1-Jan-2015A new data-driven neural fuzzy system with collaborative fuzzy clustering mechanismPrasad, M; Lin, YY; Lin, CT; Er, MJ; Prasad, OK
1-Jan-2017A new mechanism for data visualization with TSK-type preprocessed collaborative fuzzy rule based systemPrasad, M; Liu, YT; Li, DL; Lin, CT; Shah, RR; Kaiwartya, OP
1-Dec-2016A Novel Fuzzy Logic Model for Pseudo-Relevance Feedback-Based Query ExpansionSingh, J; Prasad, M; Prasad, OK; Meng Joo, E; Saxena, AK; Lin, CT
1-Jan-2019A Novel Quantum-inspired Fuzzy Based Neural Network for Data ClassificationPatel, OP; Bharill, N; Tiwari, A; Prasad, M
1-Jan-2018Online video streaming for human tracking based on weighted resampling particle filterPrasad, M; Chang, LC; Gupta, D; Pratama, M; Sundaram, S; Lin, CT
1-Jan-2014A preprocessed induced partition matrix based collaborative fuzzy clustering for data analysisPrasad, M; Siana, L; Li, DL; Lin, CT; Liu, YT; Saxena, A
1-Aug-2017Real traffic-data based evaluation of vehicular traffic environment and state-of-the-art with future issues in location-centric data dissemination for VANETsAbdul Hanan, AH; Yazid Idris, M; Kaiwartya, O; Prasad, M; Ratn Shah, R
6-Dec-2017A review of clustering techniques and developmentsSaxena, A; Prasad, M; Gupta, A; Bharill, N; Patel, OP; Tiwari, A; Er, MJ; Ding, W; Lin, CT
1-Jan-2017Robust Facial Alignment for Face RecognitionChou, KP; Li, DL; Prasad, M; Pratama, M; Su, SY; Lu, H; Lin, CT; Lin, WC