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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2016Reflection is hard: Teaching and learning reflective practice in a software studioPrior, J; Ferguson, S; Leaney, J
2014Regulation of the Sex Industry: Assumptions of Offence, Awareness and Impacts on Safety and AmenityCrofts, P; Prior, J; Sagade, J; Jivan, V; Forster, C
25-Sep-2018The relations between disability and residents worry about environmental contaminationConnon, I; Prior, J; McIntyre, E; Adams, J; Madden, B
16-Sep-2008Ritual, liminality and transformation: Secular spirituality in Sydney's gay bathhousesPrior, J; Cusack, C
1-Jan-2018The role of pliability and transversality within trans/disciplinarity: Opening university research and learning to planetary healthPrior, J; Cusack, CM; Capon, A
1-Jan-2013A sense of working there: The user experience of Agile software developersPrior, J
15-Aug-2013Sex worker victimization, modes of working, and location in New South Wales, Australia: A geography of victimizationPrior, J; Hubbard, P; Birch, P
1-Aug-2016Shooting up illicit drugs with God and the State: the legal–spatial constitution of Sydney's Medically Supervised Injecting Centre as a sanctuaryPrior, J; Crofts, P
1-Jan-2008Situated software development: Work practice and infrastructure are mutually constitutivePrior, J; Robertson, T; Leaney, J
1-Dec-2018Sociodemographic predictors of residents worry about contaminated sitesMcIntyre, E; Prior, J; Connon, ILC; Adams, J; Madden, B
1-Jan-2010Spiritual dimensions of self-transformation in Sydney's gay bathhousesPrior, J; Cusack, CM
11-Jul-2016Students semantic mistakes in writing seven different types of SQL queriesAhadi, A; Prior, J; Behbood, V; Lister, R
17-Feb-2016Students' syntactic mistakes in writing seven different types of SQL queries and its application to predicting students' successAhadi, A; Behbood, V; Vihavainen, A; Prior, J; Lister, R
1-Dec-2006Technology designers as technology users: The intertwining of infrastructure and productPrior, J; Robertson, T; Leaney, J
1-Jan-2014Things coming together: Learning experiences in a software studioPrior, J; Connor, A; Leaney, J
1-Feb-2017Time, space, and the authorisation of sex premises in London and SydneyPrior, J; Hubbard, P
1-Dec-2010Understanding property rights in carbon: A methodological inquiryPrior, J; Boydell, S
15-Feb-2017Using residents' worries about technology as a way of resolving environmental remediation dilemmasPrior, J; Hubbard, P; Rai, T
31-Aug-2016Value-based Land Remediation: Improved Decision-making for Contaminated Land (CRC CARE Technical Report No. 35)Plant, RA; Chong, J; Lederwasch, A; Prior, J; Asker, S; Boydell, S
2-Oct-2014We get the most information from the sources we trust least: Residents' perceptions of risk communication on industrial contaminationPrior, J; Partridge, E; Plant, R