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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2001A Study of the Effect of Commercial Ethics on DistributionSmall, GR; Publisher
Jan-2001Active structural control using dymanic output feedback sliding modeHa, QP; Li, J; Hong, G; Samali, B; Publisher
Jan-2001An adaptive model for optimizing performance of an incremental web crawlerEdwards, J; McCurley, K; Tomlin, J; Publisher
Jan-2001Agent-based process managementDebenham, JK; Publisher
2001Asian-Born Women Enterpreneurs in Sydney: International Trade & Computer TechnologyLow, A; Publisher
Jan-2001Data mining in collaborative virtual environments: an integrating framework.Simoff, SJ; Biuk-Aghai, RP; Publisher
Jan-2001Dynamic output feedback on single link flexible manipulatorsHa, QP; Trinh, HM; Zhu, J; Nguyen, HT; Publisher
Jan-2001Field studies of requirements engineering in a multi-site software development organization: research in progressZowghi, D; Damian, DE; Offen, R; Publisher
2001International Promotion and Emerging MarketsFletcher, R; Knight, G; Publisher
Jan-2001Learner-centred open virtual environments as placesMaher, M; Simoff, SJ; Clark, S; Publisher
Jan-2001Measuring Costs/Benefits of E-Business Applications & Customer SatisfactionLu, J; Publisher
Jan-2001Partnerships in educational networks in community organisationsDovey, KA; Green, J; McQueen, M; Publisher
Jan-2001Property Education, Training and PhenomenalismSmall, GR; Karantonis, AC; Publisher
Jan-2001A Study of the Effect of Commercial Ethics on DistributionSmall, GR; Publisher
Jan-2001A Survey of Practices & Problems associated with incomplete user requirements documentAl-Ani, B; Publisher
Jan-2001Trends in Procurement and Implications for Innovation and Competitiveness of Australian Building CongressDe Valence, G; Publisher