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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2018A hybrid encryption technique for Secure-GLOR: The adaptive secure routing protocol for dynamic wireless mesh networksNanda, A; Nanda, P; He, X; Jamdagni, A; Puthal, D
10-Aug-2018Introducing Network Multi-Tenancy for Cloud-Based Enterprise Resource Planning: An IoT ApplicationTiwary, M; Kumar, S; Agrawal, PK; Puthal, D; Rodrigues, JJPC; Sahoo, KS; Sahoo, B
1-Jan-2018IoT and big data: An architecture with data flow and security issuesPuthal, D; Ranjan, R; Nepal, S; Chen, J
24-Oct-2017IoT-Based Wireless Polysomnography Intelligent System for Sleep MonitoringLin, CT; Prasad, M; Chung, CH; Puthal, D; El-Sayed, H; Sankar, S; Wang, YK; Singh, J; Sangaiah, AK
1-Apr-2019Lattice-modeled information flow control of big sensing data streams for smart health applicationPuthal, D
1-Jul-2018Location of Things (LoT): A review and taxonomy of sensors localization in IoT infrastructureShit, RC; Sharma, S; Puthal, D; Zomaya, AY
1-Jan-2017Metaheuristic solutions for solving controller placement problem in SDN-based WAN architectureSahoo, KS; Sarkar, A; Mishra, SK; Sahoo, B; Puthal, D; Obaidat, MS; Sadun, B
27-Mar-2018Motor fault detection and diagnosis based on a meta-cognitive random vector functional link networkZa'in, C; Pratama, M; Prasad, M; Puthal, D; Lim, CP; Seera, M
30-Aug-2017MSGR: A Mode-Switched Grid-Based Sustainable Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor NetworksSharma, S; Puthal, D; Tazeen, S; Prasad, M; Zomaya, AY
13-Aug-2018A novel collaborative task offloading scheme for secure and sustainable mobile cloudlet networksYang, N; Fan, X; Puthal, D; He, X; Nanda, P; Guo, S
2-Jan-2018A Novel Hybrid Authentication Model for Geo Location Oriented Routing in Dynamic Wireless Mesh NetworksNanda, A; Nanda, P; He, X; Puthal, D; Jamdagni, A
1-Nov-2018On the placement of controllers in software-Defined-WAN using meta-heuristic approachSahoo, KS; Puthal, D; Obaidat, MS; Sarkar, A; Mishra, SK; Sahoo, B
31-Jul-2018An Overview of Security Challenges in Vehicular Ad-Hoc NetworksMalik, N; Puthal, D; Nanda, P
1-Jun-2018Performance of Cognitive Radio Sensor Networks Using Hybrid Automatic Repeat ReQuest: Stop-and-WaitKhan, F; ur Rehman, A; Usman, M; Tan, Z; Puthal, D
12-Mar-2019A predictive load balancing technique for software defined networked cloud servicesYang, CT; Chen, ST; Liu, JC; Su, YW; Puthal, D; Ranjan, R
7-Sep-2017Privacy-preserving detection of statically mutually exclusive roles constraints violation in interoperable role-based access controlLiu, M; Zhang, X; Yang, C; Pang, S; Puthal, D; Ren, K
1-Jan-2018Privacy-preserving matrix product based static mutual exclusive roles constraints violation detection in interoperable role-based access controlLiu, M; Luo, Y; Yang, C; Pang, S; Puthal, D; Ren, K; Zhang, X
4-Apr-2017Private matching and set intersection computation in multi-agent and industrial control systemsRasheed, A; Kenneth, A; Mahapatra, R; Puthal, D
1-Jan-2019Proof of Authentication: IoT-Friendly BlockchainsPuthal, D; Mohanty, SP
6-Mar-2019Proof-of-Authentication for Scalable Blockchain in Resource-Constrained Distributed SystemsPuthal, D; Mohanty, SP; Nanda, P; Kougianos, E; Das, G