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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2017Rendezvous based routing protocol for wireless sensor networks with mobile sinkSharma, S; Puthal, D; Jena, SK; Zomaya, AY; Ranjan, R
1-Sep-2018Response time optimization for cloudlets in Mobile Edge ComputingTiwary, M; Puthal, D; Sahoo, KS; Sahoo, B; Yang, LT
20-Mar-2019S2R: Service trading based response time optimization in mobile edge computingMishra, P; Tiwary, M; Yang, LT; Puthal, D
1-May-2018Secure and Sustainable Load Balancing of Edge Data Centers in Fog ComputingPuthal, D; Obaidat, MS; Nanda, P; Prasad, M; Mohanty, SP; Zomaya, AY
1-Feb-2019Secure authentication and load balancing of distributed edge datacentersPuthal, D; Ranjan, R; Nanda, A; Nanda, P; Jayaraman, PP; Zomaya, AY
31-Jul-2018Secure Authentication Protocol for IoT ArchitectureSahu, AK; Sharma, S; Puthal, D; Pandey, A; Shit, R
1-Jan-2016A Secure Big Data Stream Analytics Framework for Disaster Management on the CloudPuthal, D; Nepal, S; Ranjan, R; Chen, J; Chen, J; Yang, LT
20-Jan-2017A secure big data stream analytics framework for disaster management on the cloudPuthal, D; Nepal, S; Ranjan, R; Chen, J
14-Dec-2016A Secure Big Data Streams Analytics Farmework for Disater Management on CloudPuthal, D; Nepal, S; Ranjan, R; Chen, JINJUN
1-Nov-2018Secure Computing for the Internet of Things and Network Edges Protecting communication in the worldwide network of devicesPuthal, D; Zhang, X
7-Sep-2017Secure-GLOR: An adaptive secure routing protocol for dynamic wireless mesh networksNanda, A; Nanda, P; He, X; Jamdagni, A; Puthal, D
31-Jul-2018Self Deployment Based on Circle Packing Algorithm for Movement Assisted Wireless Sensor NetworksShit, RC; Sharma, S; Puthal, D; Panday, A
1-Jan-2018Software Defined Network Based Fault Detection in Industrial Wireless Sensor NetworksBhoi, SK; Obaidat, MS; Puthal, D; Singh, M; Hsiao, KF
29-Jan-2018Stock market analysis using social networksLi, M; Puthal, D; Yang, C; Luo, Y; Zhang, J; Li, J
1-Oct-2018Sustainable Service Allocation Using a Metaheuristic Technique in a Fog Server for Industrial ApplicationsMishra, SK; Puthal, D; Rodrigues, JJPC; Sahoo, B; Dutkiewicz, E
4-Jan-2017A Synchronized Shared Key Generation Method for Maintaining End-to-End Security of Big Data StreamsPuthal, D; Nepal, S; Ranjan, R; Chen, J
12-Sep-2017Time efficient dynamic threshold-based load balancing technique for Cloud ComputingMishra, SK; Khan, MA; Sahoo, B; Puthal, D; Obaidat, MS; Hsiao, KF
28-Aug-2018Towards System Implementation and Data Analysis for Crowdsensing Based Outdoor RSS MapsFan, X; He, X; Xiang, C; Puthal, D; Gong, L; Nanda, P; Fang, G