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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2012Learning geodesic CRF model for image segmentationZhou, L; Qiao, Y; Yang, J; He, X
10-Nov-2017Linear algebraic analogues of the graph isomorphism problem and the erds-rényi modelLi, Y; Qiao, Y
1-Jan-2013Multi-view urban scene reconstruction in non-uniform volumeMao, R; Wu, Q; Qiao, Y; Bai, L; Yang, J
1-Jan-2017Networked fairness in cake cuttingBei, X; Qiao, Y; Zhang, S
1-Sep-2017Non-commutative Edmonds’ problem and matrix semi-invariantsIvanyos, G; Qiao, Y; Subrahmanyam, KV
22-Aug-2017NTIRE 2017 Challenge on Single Image Super-Resolution: Methods and ResultsTimofte, R; Agustsson, E; Gool, LV; Yang, MH; Zhang, L; Lim, B; Son, S; Kim, H; Nah, S; Lee, KM; Wang, X; Tian, Y; Yu, K; Zhang, Y; Wu, S; Dong, C; Lin, L; Qiao, Y; Loy, CC; Bae, W; Yoo, J; Han, Y; Ye, JC; Choi, JS; Kim, M; Fan, Y; Yu, J; Han, W; Liu, D; Yu, H; Wang, Z; Shi, H; Wang, X; Huang, TS; Chen, Y; Zhang, K; Zuo, W; Tang, Z; Luo, L; Li, S; Fu, M; Cao, L; Heng, W; Bui, G; Le, T; Duan, Y; Tao, D; Wang, R; Lin, X; Pang, J; Xu, J; Zhao, Y; Xu, X; Pan, J; Sun, D; Zhang, Y; Song, X; Dai, Y; Qin, X; Huynh, XP; Guo, T; Mousavi, HS; Vu, TH; Monga, V; Cruz, C; Egiazarian, K; Katkovnik, V; Mehta, R; Jain, AK; Agarwalla, A; Praveen, CVS; Zhou, R; Wen, H; Zhu, C; Xia, Z; Wang, Z; Guo, Q
1-Dec-2017On rank-critical matrix spacesLi, Y; Qiao, Y
1-Mar-2018On the complexity of trial and error for constraint satisfaction problemsIvanyos, G; Kulkarni, R; Qiao, Y; Santha, M; Sundaram, A
1-Jul-2017On the polynomial parity argument complexity of the combinatorial nullstellensatzBelovs, A; Ivanyos, G; Qiao, Y; Santha, M; Yang, S
1-Jan-2015On the power of parity queries in boolean decision treesKulkarni, R; Qiao, Y; Sun, X
1-Mar-2012On the security of Goldreich's one-way functionBogdanov, A; Qiao, Y
26-Aug-2016Patch-based object tracking via Locality-constrained Linear CodingGu, K; Liu, M; Zhou, T; Liu, F; He, X; Yang, J; Qiao, Y
1-Dec-2012Polynomial-time isomorphism test for groups with abelian Sylow towersBabai, L; Qiao, Y
1-Dec-2012Polynomial-time isomorphism test for groups with no abelian normal subgroups (extended abstract)Babai, L; Codenotti, P; Qiao, Y
1-Jan-2015Polynomial-time isomorphism test of groups that are tame extensions (Extended abstract)Grochow, JA; Qiao, Y
1-Jan-2014Random arithmetic formulas can be reconstructed efficientlyGupta, A; Kayal, N; Qiao, Y
1-Dec-2017Sparse multivariate polynomial interpolation on the basis of Schubert polynomialsMukhopadhyay, P; Qiao, Y
1-Dec-2018System performance and microbial community succession in a partial nitrification biofilm reactor in response to salinity stressLi, J; Ye, W; Wei, D; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Qiao, Y; Xu, W; Du, B; Wei, Q
1-Mar-2018Tripartite-to-Bipartite Entanglement Transformation by Stochastic Local Operations and Classical Communication and the Structure of Matrix SpacesLi, Y; Qiao, Y; Wang, X; Duan, R