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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2018Near-field error sensing for active directivity control of radiated soundWang, S; Sun, H; Pan, J; Qiu, X
1-Oct-2019A near-field error sensing strategy for compact multi-channel active sound radiation control in free fieldTao, J; Guo, Q; Qiu, X
1-Jan-2014A new era for applications of active noise controlQiu, X; Lu, J; Pan, J
1-Aug-2016Nitrogen removal characteristics of indigenous aerobic denitrifiers and changes in the microbial community of a reservoir enclosure system via in situ oxygen enhancement using water lifting and aeration technologyZhou, S; Huang, T; Ngo, HH; Zhang, H; Liu, F; Zeng, M; Shi, J; Qiu, X
1-Jan-2017Noise radiation from an AC filter capacitorTao, J; Zhong, J; Qiu, X
1-Mar-2013Noise reduction mechanisms of active noise barriersChen, W; Min, H; Qiu, X
1-Jan-2014The noise reduction performance of oblique slits and louvers with active noise control systemQin, M; Qiu, X
19-Oct-2016On directivity of a circular arraywith directional microphonesHe, H; Qiu, X; Yang, T
1-Oct-2017On the wind noise reduction mechanism of porous microphone windscreensZhao, S; Dabin, M; Cheng, E; Qiu, X; Burnett, I; Liu, JCC
11-May-2015Online multi-modal robust non-negative dictionary learning for visual trackingZhang, X; Guan, N; Tao, D; Qiu, X; Luo, Z
1-Jan-2017Optimal configuration for hybrid control of indoor transformer noiseZhang, C; Zou, H; Qiu, X
1-Jan-2013Performance analysis of decentralized multi-channel feedback systems for active noise control in free spaceZhang, L; Tao, J; Qiu, X
1-Sep-2016Performance analysis of feedforward active noise control systems with acoustic feedbackMa, J; Zou, H; Qiu, X
1-Dec-2006The performance of a CPW-fed printed UWB antenna for wireless body-worn applicationsQiu, X; Mohan, AS
1-Aug-2017Performance of a multichannel active sound radiation control system near a reflecting surfaceTao, J; Wang, S; Qiu, X; Pan, J
15-Jan-2017Performance of a snoring noise control system based on an active partitionZhang, X; Qiu, X
1-Jan-2006The performance of dual-band CPW-fed printed antennas for wireless body-worn applicationsQiu, X; Mohan, AS
1-Jan-2017Physical system optimization in global active radiation control with space constraintGuo, Q; Tao, J; Jin, G; Qiu, X
1-Jan-2016A preliminary investigation on the sound field properties in the Sagrada Familia BasilicaZhao, S; Cheng, E; Qiu, X; Alambeigi, P; Burry, J; Burry, M
1-Dec-2015A preliminary study on the performance of indoor active noise barriers based on 2D simulationsHuang, X; Zou, H; Qiu, X