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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Dec-2013Fine-grained climate data alters the interpretation of a trait-based clineGollan, JR; Ashcroft, MB; Ramp, D
1-Jan-2010Flight response as a causative factor in kangaroo-vehicle collisionsLee, E; Croft, DB; Ramp, D; Coulson, G; Eldridge, M
26-Nov-2019Flight responses of eastern gray kangaroos to benign or harmful human behaviorAustin, CM; Ramp, D
1-Jan-2006Foot-thumping as an alarm signal in macropodoid marsupials: Prevalence and hypotheses of functionRose, TA; Munn, AJ; Ramp, D; Banks, PB
1-Mar-2006Foraging behaviour and dispersion of eastern grey kangaroos (Macropus giganteus) in an ideal free frameworkMaguire, G; Ramp, D; Coulson, G
1-Dec-2015Foraging Strategies Determine the Effect of Traffic Noise on BatsBonsen, G; Law, B; Ramp, D
14-Mar-2006Frequency and causes of kangaroo-vehicle collisions on an Australian outback highwayKlöcker, U; Croft, DB; Ramp, D
1-Jul-2007Habitat selection by the common wombat (Vombatus ursinus) in disturbed environments: Implications for the conservation of a 'common' speciesRoger, E; Laffan, SW; Ramp, D
1-Jan-2014Identifying minimal sets of survey techniques for multi-species monitoring across landscapes: an approach utilising species distribution modelsBino, G; Ramp, D; Kingsford, RT
20-Nov-2013Impact of roadside habitat on swamp wallaby movement and fitnessBen-Ami, D; Ramp, D
1-Dec-2013The importance of temporal climate variability for spatial patterns in plant diversityLetten, AD; Ashcroft, MB; Keith, DA; Gollan, JR; Ramp, D
1-Jun-2013Improving bioregional frameworks for conservation by including mammal distributionsBino, G; Ramp, D; Kingsford, RT
1-Sep-2017Incorporating an iterative energy restraint for the Surface Energy Balance System (SEBS)Webster, E; Ramp, D; Kingsford, RT
1-Mar-2009Incorporating habitat use in models of fauna fatalities on roadsRoger, E; Ramp, D
1-Oct-2011Integrating science into management of ecosystems in the greater blue mountainsChapple, RS; Ramp, D; Bradstock, RA; Kingsford, RT; Merson, JA; Auld, TD; Fleming, PJS; Mulley, RC
1-Aug-2017International consensus principles for ethical wildlife controlDubois, S; Fenwick, N; Ryan, EA; Baker, L; Baker, SE; Beausoleil, NJ; Carter, S; Cartwright, B; Costa, F; Draper, C; Griffin, J; Grogan, A; Howald, G; Jones, B; Littin, KE; Lombard, AT; Mellor, DJ; Ramp, D; Schuppli, CA; Fraser, D
1-Jun-2018Introduced megafauna are rewilding the AnthropoceneLundgren, EJ; Ramp, D; Ripple, WJ; Wallach, AD
1-Aug-2018Invisible megafaunaWallach, AD; Lundgren, EJ; Ripple, WJ; Ramp, D
1-Jan-2017Is the prickly pear a ‘Tzabar’? Diversity and conservation of Israel’s migrant speciesWallach, AD; Lundgren, E; Yanco, E; Ramp, D
8-Jul-2015Kanganomics: a socio-economic assessment of the commercial kangaroo industryBoronyak, LJ; Ben-Ami, D; Ramp, D