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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2013Niche evolution in Australian terrestrial mammals? Clarifying scale-dependencies in phylogenetic and functional drivers of co-occurrenceBino, G; Ramp, D; Kingsford, RT
1-Jun-2012A novel approach to quantify and locate potential microrefugia using topoclimate, climate stability, and isolation from the matrixAshcroft, MB; Gollan, JR; Warton, DI; Ramp, D
1-Dec-2018Novel detection of provenance in the illegal wildlife trade using elemental dataBrandis, KJ; Meagher, PJB; Tong, LJ; Shaw, M; Mazumder, D; Gadd, P; Ramp, D
Jan-2012'Pest' and resource: A legal history of Australia's kangaroosBoom, K; Ben-Ami, D; Croft, DB; Cushing, N; Ramp, D; Boronyak, LJ
1-Jan-2011Potential lantana invasion of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area under climate changeGold, A; Ramp, D; Laffan, SW
24-May-2005Predator scent induces differing responses in two sympatric macropodidsRamp, D; Russell, BG; Croft, DB
1-Jan-2015Promoting predators and compassionate conservationWallach, AD; Bekoff, M; Nelson, MP; Ramp, D
1-Aug-2018Reduced efficiency of tropical flies (Diptera) in the decomposition of snail cadavers following molluscicide poisoningHorgan, FG; Bernal, CC; Letana, S; Naredo, AI; Ramp, D; Almazan, MLP
1-Dec-2015Reshaping conservation with compassionRamp, D
1-Apr-2019Risks to carbon dynamics in semi-arid woodlands of eastern Australia under current and future climatesNolan, RH; Sinclair, J; Waters, CM; Mitchell, PJ; Eldridge, DJ; Paul, KI; Roxburgh, S; Butler, DW; Ramp, D
1-Jan-2011Road impacts a tipping point for wildlife populations in threatened landscapesRoger, E; Laffan, SW; Ramp, D
1-Jan-2010Roads as drivers of change for macropodidsRamp, D; Coulson, G; Eldridge, M
15-Sep-2018Safeguarding reforestation efforts against changes in climate and disturbance regimesNolan, RH; Drew, DM; O'Grady, AP; Pinkard, EA; Paul, K; Roxburgh, SH; Mitchell, PJ; Bruce, J; Battaglia, M; Ramp, D
1-Dec-2004Small-scale patch selection and consumer-resource dynamics of eastern grey kangaroosRamp, D; Coulson, G
15-Dec-2016Spatial sensitivity of surface energy balance algorithms to meteorological data in a heterogeneous environmentWebster, E; Ramp, D; Kingsford, RT
1-Jan-2018Spatio-temporal distribution of sugarcane potential yields and yield gaps in Southern ChinaZu, Q; Mi, C; Liu, DL; He, L; Kuang, Z; Fang, Q; Ramp, D; Li, L; Wang, B; Chen, Y; Li, J; Jin, N; Yu, Q
20-Oct-2011Suitability of acoustics as non-lethal deterrents for macropodids: The influence of origin, delivery and anti-predator behaviourRamp, D; Foale, CG; Roger, E; Croft, DB
1-Dec-2018Summoning compassion to address the challenges of conservationWallach, AD; Bekoff, M; Batavia, C; Nelson, MP; Ramp, D
11-Mar-2010Survival behaviour of swamp wallabies during prescribed burning and wildfireGarvey, N; Ben-Ami, D; Ramp, D; Croft, DB
1-Jun-2016A switch in keystone seed-dispersing ant genera between two elevations for a myrmecochorous plant, acacia terminalisThomson, FJ; Auld, TD; Ramp, D; Kingsford, RT