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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01-01An efficient two-step CPML for 3-D LOD-FDTDRana, MM; Mohan, AS; Chung, KL
2017-01-01Fundamental scheme-based nonorthogonal LOD-FDTD for analyzing curved structuresRana, MM
2017-07-01IoT Infrastructure and Potential Application to Smart Grid CommunicationsRana, MM; Xiang, W; Wang, E; Jia, M
2018-04-01IoT-Based state estimation for microgridsRana, MM; Xiang, W; Wang, E
2011-12-01Locally-one-dimensional FDTD for em scattering from two-dimensional structuresRana, MM; Mohan, AS
2017-01-31Microgrid protection and control through reliable smart grid communication systemsRana, MM; Li, L; Su, SW
2016-06-01Microgrid state estimation and control using Kalman filter and semidefinite programming techniqueRana, MM; Li, L; Su, SW
2018-05-03Modelling the Interconnected Synchronous Generators and its State EstimationsRana, MM; Li, L; Su, SW; Choi, BJ
2011-11-01Nonorthogonal locally one dimensional FDTD methodRana, MM; Sanagavarapu Mohan, A
2013-01-04Nonorthogonal LOD-FDTD method for em scattering from two-dimensional structuresRana, MM; Mohan, AS
2015-02-12An overview of distributed microgrid state estimation and control for smart gridsRana, MM; Li, L
2012-12-01Rotationally symmetric (RS)-LOD-FDTD with CPML for analysing resonant structuresRana, MM; Mohan, AS
2012-02-01Segmented-locally-one-dimensional-FDTD method for em propagation inside large complex tunnel environmentsRana, MM; Mohan, AS