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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Nov-2017Adopting basic principles of the United Nations Academic Impact initiative (UNAI): Can cultural differences be predicted from value orientations and globalization?Nechtelberger, A; Renner, W; Nechtelberger, M; Supekov√°, SC; Hadjimarkou, M; Offurum, C; Ramalingam, P; Senft, B; Redfern, K
1-Mar-2004An empirical investigation of the ethics position questionnaire in the People's Republic of ChinaRedfern, K; Crawford, J
1-Dec-2016An empirical investigation of the incidence of negative psychological symptoms among Chinese international students at an Australian universityRedfern, K
1-Mar-2004An empirical investigation of the influence of modernisation on the moral judgements of managers in the People's Republic of ChinaRedfern, K; Crawford, J
1-Jan-2010The Gene of the Individuals Who Choose to Serve in Nonprofit SectorZhang, R; Redfern, K; Green, J; Zhu, XN; Zhao, SR
1-Sep-2016If You Are Emotionally Intelligent: The effects of customer-related social stressors on counterproductive work behavior for front-line service employeesZhang, R; Redfern, K; Newman, MA; Ferreira-Meyers, K
1-Jun-2010Regional differences in business ethics in the People's Republic of China: A multi-dimensional approach to the effects of modernisationRedfern, K; Crawford, J
1-Aug-2018A Tri-Method Approach to a Review of Adventure Tourism Literature: Bibliometric Analysis, Content Analysis, and a Quantitative Systematic Literature ReviewCheng, M; Edwards, D; Darcy, S; Redfern, K