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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-07-01The Greenland Ice Sheet response to transient climate changeRen, D; Fu, R; Leslie, LM; Chen, J; Wilson, CR; Karoly, DJ
2019-07-01Impacts of climate warming on aviation fuel consumptionRen, D; Leslie, LM
2019-02-15Impacts of climate warming on maximum aviation payloadsRen, D; Dickinson, RE; Fu, R; Bornman, JF; Guo, W; Yang, S; Leslie, LM
2011-05-01Modeling the mudslide aftermath of the 2007 Southern California WildfiresRen, D; Fu, R; Leslie, LM; Dickinson, RE
2011-01-01A multirheology ice model: Formulation and application to the Greenland ice sheetRen, D; Fu, R; Leslie, LM; Karoly, DJ; Chen, J; Wilson, C
2018-04-04Polymorphous Supercapacitors Constructed from Flexible Three-Dimensional Carbon Network/Polyaniline/MnO<inf>2</inf> Composite TextilesWang, J; Dong, L; Xu, C; Ren, D; Ma, X; Kang, F
2011-02-01Predicting storm-triggered landslidesRen, D; Fu, R; Leslie, LM; Dickinson, RE
2014-01-01Sensitivity of Tropical Cyclone Tracks and Intensity to Ocean Surface Temperature: Four Cases in Four Different BasinsRen, D; Lynch, M; Leslie, LM; Lemarshall, J
2017-01-01Stacking up layers of polyaniline/carbon nanotube networks inside papers as highly flexible electrodes with large areal capacitance and superior rate capabilityDong, L; Liang, G; Xu, C; Ren, D; Wang, J; Pan, ZZ; Li, B; Kang, F; Yang, QH
2011-12-01Three positive feedback mechanisms for ice-sheet melting in a warming climateRen, D; Leslie, LM
2014-02-01Trends in storm-triggered landslides over Southern CaliforniaRen, D; Leslie, LM; Lynch, MJ
2013-06-01Verification of model simulated mass balance, flow fields and tabular calving events of the Antarctic ice sheet against remotely sensed observationsRen, D; Leslie, LM; Lynch, MJ