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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2019Sustainable Sydney 2050: MegatrendsRiedy, C; Atherton, A; Jazbec, M
Apr-2019Sustainable Sydney 2050: ScenariosRiedy, C; Atherton, A; Jazbec, M
Jan-2013Terraforming ourselves: A causal layered analysis of interior transformationRiedy, C; Brien, KO; Sygna, L; Clair, ALS; Olsson, P; Hackmann, H; Bakkeslett, E
1-Jan-2017‘To be green, clean and beautiful is progressive’: reframing sustainability through transdisciplinary research and practice in northern Việt NamSmith, T; Fam, D; Palmer, J; Riedy, C; Mitchell, C
1-Jan-2017Trandisciplinarity in action: four guidelines, a reflexive framework and their application to improving community sanitation governance in IndonesiaMitchell, CA; Ross, K; Fam, D; Palmer, J; Riedy, C; Mitchell, C
2017Transdisciplinarity as transformation: a cybersystemic thinking in practice perspectiveIson, R; Fam, D; Palmer, J; Riedy, C; Mitchell, C
Aug-2018Transdisciplinarity at the Crossroads: Nurturing Individual and Collective LearningRiedy, C; Fam, DM; Ross, K; Mitchell, C
2017Trouble at the disciplinary divide: a knowledge ecologies analysis of a co-design project with native Alaskan communitiesFam, DM; Sofoulis, Z; Fam, D; Palmer, J; Riedy, C; Mitchell, C
1-May-2006Two social practices to support emergence of a global collectiveRiedy, C
1-May-2009Understanding and resolving the global problematique: Assessing the balance between progressive and socially conservative foresightSlaughter, R; Riedy, C
Jan-2009Urban infrastructure for long-term climate change responseRiedy, C; NZSSES
Jan-2004Vintage stock modelling of domestic appliances: dealing with uncertaintyRiedy, C; Bertoldi, P; Conti, F; Pagani, R
2-Sep-2013Waking up in the twenty-first centuryRiedy, C
Jan-2000Waste Management and Minimisation StrategiesWhite, S; Hendriks, C; Riedy, C