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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Sep-2019Libraries as transformative hubsRiedy, C
2-Jan-2019Meaning work: reworking institutional meanings for environmental governanceRiedy, C; Kent, J; Thompson, N
Jan-2014A Meaty Discourse: What Makes Meat News?Friedlander, J; Riedy, C; Bonfiglioli, C
Jan-2006Moving on: the RTBU's public transport blueprint for Sydney - policy paperAtherton, AM; Riedy, C; White, S
Jan-2006Moving on: the RTBU's public transport blueprint for Sydney - summary paperAtherton, AM; Riedy, C; White, S
Jan-2012Net Zero Emission Homes: An examination of leading practice and pathways forwardRiedy, C; Lederwasch, AJ; Harris, SM
Jan-2012NSW Sustainable Households Program 2012: Literature ReviewRiedy, C; Daly, JG; Berry, F; Brennan, T
Jan-2005NSW water pricing guidelines and country town communitiesRiedy, C; Partridge, EY
1-Jan-2018Nurturing transdisciplinary graduate learning and skills through a community of practice approachRiedy, C; Mitchell, C; Willetts, J; Cunningham, I
Jan-2013Our energy future: Renewable energy master planIson, N; Ross, K; Cooper, C; Brennan, T; Langham, E; Wynne, L; Riedy, C; Downes, J
1-Jan-2015A participatory mixed methods approach to researching household water use in Gosford, AustraliaThornton, N; Riedy, C
24-Jun-2014Perfect Storm or Perfect Opportunity? Future Scenarios for the Electricity SectorRiesz, J; Hindsberger, M; Gilmore, J; Riedy, C
Jan-2013Practicing an individual ethics of sustainabilityRiedy, C; Arvanitakis, J; Matthews, I
16-Feb-2018Precinct‐scale Innovation and the Sharing ParadigmWynne, L; Riedy, C; Wilkinson, S; remoy, H
Jan-2007Pricing and decision-making in the Australian electricity, road transport and water sectors: towards sustainability?Riedy, C; White, S; Proctor, W
Jan-2007The role of wind power in New South WalesRiedy, C; Lewis, J
1-Jan-2017Seeding a new transdisciplinary community of practiceRiedy, CJ; Fam, D; Palmer, J; Riedy, C; Mitchell, C
Jan-2013The social practices of change agency in the context of community energy useRiedy, C; James, P; Hudson, C; Carroll-Bell, S; Taing, A
Jan-2006Study of factors influencing electricity used in NewingtonRiedy, C; Partridge, EY
1-Jun-2012Sustainable development and climate changeRiedy, C