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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Erfolgswirkung einer Partizipation an Virtuellen UnternehmungenRingle, C; Hansmann, K; Boysen, N
Jan-2010Finite mixture and genetic algorithm segmentation in partial least aquares path modeling: Identification of multiple segments in complex path modelsRingle, C; Sarstedt, M; Schlittgen, R; Fink, A; Lausen, B; Seidel, W; Ultsch, A
Jan-2010Finite mixture partial least squares analysis: Methodology and numerical examplesRingle, C; Wende, S; Will, A; Vinzi, VE; Chin, WW; Henseler, J; Wang, H
Jan-2008Heterogeneity in variance-based structural equations modeling: A systematical procedure for applying FIMIX-PLSSarstedt, M; Ringle, C
Jan-2010The impact of brand extension success drivers on brand extension price premiumsSattler, H; Völckner, F; Riediger, C; Ringle, C
Jan-2010Local strategic networks in the software industry: An empirical analysis of the value continuumHock, M; Ringle, C
Jan-2010Management of multi-purpose stadiums: Importance and performance measurement of service interfacesHock, C; Ringle, C; Sarstedt, M
Jan-2007Option bundling and its impact on operating mixed-model assembly linesBoysen, N; Ringle, C
Jan-2009PLS path modeling in marketing and genetic algorithm segmentationRingle, C; Schlittgen, R; Sarstedt, M; Tojib, D
Jan-2011PlS-SEM: Indeed A Silver BulletHair, J; Ringle, C; Sarstedt, M
Jan-2010Response-based segmentation using finite mixture partial least squaresRingle, C; Sarstedt, M; Mooi, EA
Jan-2010The Role Of Parent Brand Quality For Service Brand Extension SuccessVolckner, F; Sattler, H; Hennig-thurau, T; Ringle, C
Jan-2007Satisfaction of arena-visitor: PLS path modeling results and analysis of the impact performance matrixHock, C; Ringle, C
Jan-2009Satisfaction with services: An impact-performance analysis for soccer-fan satisfaction judgementsSarstedt, M; Schwaiger, M; Ringle, C; Gudergan, S; Tojib, D
Jan-2010Treating unobserved heterogeneity in PLS path modelling: A comparison of FIMIX-PLS with different data analysis strategiesSarstedt, M; Ringle, C
Jan-2009The use of partial least squares path modeling in international marketingHenseler, J; Ringle, C; Sinkovics, RR
Jan-2005Wirkung einer Teilnahme an Unternehmensnetzwerken auf die strategischen Erfolgsfaktoren der Partnerunternehmen: Eine empirische UntersuchungHansmann, K; Ringle, C