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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2012Radial vibration measurements directly from rotors using laser vibrometry: The effects of surface roughness, instrument misalignments and pseudo-vibrationRothberg, SJ; Halkon, BJ; Tirabassi, M; Pusey, C
29-Sep-2017Restoring high accuracy to laser Doppler vibrometry measurements affected by vibration of beam steering opticsHalkon, BJ; Rothberg, SJ
1-Feb-2006Rotor vibration measurements using laser doppler vibrometry: Essential post-processing for resolution of radial and pitch/yaw vibrationsHalkon, BJ; Rothberg, SJ
1-Apr-2017Taking laser Doppler vibrometry off the tripod: correction of measurements affected by instrument vibrationHalkon, BJ; Rothberg, SJ
24-Dec-2018Towards laser Doppler vibrometry from unmanned aerial vehiclesHalkon, BJ; Rothberg, SJ
1-Jan-2014Understanding the Dynamic Behaviour of a Tennis Racket under Play ConditionsBanwell, GH; Roberts, JR; Halkon, BJ; Rothberg, SJ; Mohr, S
1-Jan-2003Vibration measurements using continuous scanning laser Doppler vibrometry: Theoretical velocity sensitivity analysis with applicationsHalkon, BJ; Rothberg, SJ
1-Aug-2006Vibration measurements using continuous scanning laser vibrometry: Advanced aspects in rotor applicationsHalkon, BJ; Rothberg, SJ
1-Jan-2003Vibration measurements using continuous scanning laser vibrometry: Velocity sensitivity model experimental validationHalkon, BJ; Frizzel, SR; Rothberg, SJ