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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Nov-2019A macroscopic particle modelling approach for non-isothermal solid-gas and solid-liquid flows through porous mediaRobone, A; Kuruneru, STW; Islam, MS; Saha, SC
1-Jan-2018A method of three-dimensional thermo-fluid simulation of the receiver of a standard parabolic trough collectorIslam, M; Saha, SC; Karim, MA; Yarlagadda, PKDV
1-Jun-2019Modeling of mass transfer enhancement in a magnetofluidic micromixerKumar, C; Hejazian, M; From, C; Saha, SC; Sauret, E; Gu, Y; Nguyen, NT
1-Aug-2019Molecular insights on the interference of simplified lung surfactant models by gold nanoparticle pollutantsHossain, SI; Gandhi, NS; Hughes, ZE; Gu, YT; Saha, SC
1-Jan-2017Multi-layer PCM solidification in a finned triplex tube considering natural convectionSefidan, AM; Sojoudi, A; Saha, SC; Cholette, M
18-Jul-2019Multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann simulation of natural convection flow in a partitioned cavity using GPU computingHaque, MJ; Molla, MM; Akhter, N; Saha, SC
1-Jul-2017Nanofluid-based cooling of cylindrical lithium-ion battery packs employing forced air flowSefidan, AM; Sojoudi, A; Saha, SC
1-Jun-2018Natural convection and heat transfer in a valley shaped cavity filled with initially stratified waterBhowmick, S; Xu, F; Zhang, X; Saha, SC
1-Mar-2018Natural convection and heat transfer on a section-triangular roofZhai, H; Xu, F; Saha, SC; Hou, Y
1-Jan-2018Natural convection in a V-shaped cavityBhowmick, S; Xu, F; Saha, SC
13-Aug-2017A Novel Experimental Method to Assess Particle Deposition in Idealized Porous ChannelsWickramasooriya Kuruneru, ST; Sauret, E; Saha, SC; Gu, YT
1-Jan-2018A novel numerical model to predict the morphological behavior of magnetic liquid marbles using coarse grained molecular dynamics conceptsPolwaththe-Gallage, HN; Sauret, E; Nguyen, NT; Saha, SC; Gu, Y
1-Sep-2018Numerical study of the transition to chaos of a buoyant plume from a two-dimensional open cavity heated from belowQiao, M; Xu, F; Saha, SC
1-Jan-2017Parametric analysis of design parameter effects on the performance of a solar desiccant evaporative cooling system in brisbane, AustraliaMa, Y; Saha, SC; Miller, W; Guan, L
1-Dec-2018Polydisperse Microparticle Transport and Deposition to the Terminal Bronchioles in a Heterogeneous Vasculature TreeIslam, MS; Saha, SC; Gemci, T; Yang, IA; Sauret, E; Gu, YT
1-Jun-2017Pulmonary aerosol transport and deposition analysis in upper 17 generations of the human respiratory tractIslam, MS; Saha, SC; Sauret, E; Gemci, T; Gu, YT
2-Jan-2020A review of respiratory anatomical development, air flow characterization and particle depositionIslam, MS; Paul, G; Ong, HX; Young, PM; Gu, YT; Saha, SC
2-Sep-2017Scaling analysis and numerical simulation of natural convection from a ductQiao, M; Xu, F; Saha, SC
1-Jan-2018Solid-liquid phase change investigation through a double pipe heat exchanger dealing with time-dependent boundary conditionsTaghilou, M; Sefidan, AM; Sojoudi, A; Saha, SC
28-Dec-2016SPH-DEM approach to numerically simulate the deformation of three-dimensional RBCs in non-uniform capillariesPolwaththe-Gallage, HN; Saha, SC; Sauret, E; Flower, R; Senadeera, W; Gu, YT