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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01-01Assessment of soil-pile-structure interaction influencing seismic response of mid-rise buildings sitting on floating pile foundationsHokmabadi, AS; Fatahi, B; Samali, B
2007-01Assessment of the composite action in timber stressed-skin panelsGerber, C; Crews, KI; Sigrist, C; Samali, B; Veidt, M; Albermani, F; Daniel, B; Griffiths, J; Hargreaves, D; McAree, R; Meehan, P; Tan, A
2017-10-01Automated spatial design of multi-story modular buildings using a unified matrix methodSharafi, P; Samali, B; Ronagh, H; Ghodrat, M
2002-07-01Behaviour of concrete beam-column connections reinforced with hybrid FRP sheetLi, J; Samali, B; Ye, L; Bakoss, S
2013-08-12Behaviour of stress wave propagation in utility timber poleSubhani, M; Li, J; Samali, B
2004-04-01Benchmark problem for response control of wind-excited tall buildingsYang, JN; Agrawal, AK; Samali, B; Wu, JC
2014Blockage effects on scouring downstream of box culverts under unsteady flowSorourian, S; Keshavarzy, A; Ball, J; Samali, B
2007-01-01Bouc-Wen model parameter identification for a MR fluid damper using computationally efficient GAKwok, NM; Ha, QP; Nguyen, MT; Li, J; Samali, B
2018-08-01Bridge Abutment Movement and Approach Settlement - A Case Study and Scenario AnalysisRashidi, M; Zhang, C; Ghodrat, M; Kempton, S; Samali, B; Akbarnezhad, A; Zhu, L
2020Bridge operational modal identification using sparse blind source separationLi, J; Zhu, X; Samali, B; Wang, CM; Ho, JCM; Kitipornchai, S
2013-01Building sustainable score (BSS) - A hybrid process approach for sustainable building assessment in ChinaLiu, J; Ding, GK; Samali, B
2019-01-01Characterization of carbon fiber reinforced polymer strengthened concrete and gap detection with a piezoelectric-based sensory techniqueGiri, P; Kharkovsky, S; Zhu, X; Clark, SM; Taheri, S; Samali, B
2016-07-01A compact self-adaptive recursive least square approach for real-time structural identification with unknown inputsAskari, M; Li, J; Samali, B
2013-01-01A comparative study of guided wave propagation in timber poles with isotropic and transversely isotropic material modelsSubhani, M; Li, J; Samali, B
2013-08-12A comparative study on the performance of the damage detection methods in the frequency domainMakki Alamdari, M; Li, J; Samali, B
2011-12-01Component-wise optimization for a commercial central cooling plantVakiloroaya, V; Samali, B; Madadnia, J; Ha, QP
2005-01Control of Building Vibration Against EarthquakesWu, H; Samali, B; McMinn, T
2005-04-01Control of eccentric building vibration with base isolationWu, H; Fitzell, B; Samali, B
2014Control Of Wind-Induced Motion Of Tall Buildings Using Smart Facade SystemsAzad, A; Samali, B; Ngo, T; Smith, ST
2015-01-01Control of wind-induced motion of tall buildings using smart façade systemsAzad, A; Ngo, T; Samali, B