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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-08-25Performance based assessment of dynamic soil-structure interaction effects on seismic response of building framesFatahi, B; Tabatabaiefar, HR; Samali, B
2002-01Performance of a five storey benchmark model using an active mass driver and a fuzzy controllerSamali, B; Al-Dawod, M; Li, J; Zhang; LingChi; TONG; LiYong; Gal; John
2003-01-01Performance of a five-storey benchmark model using an active tuned mass damper and a fuzzy controllerSamali, B; Al-Dawod, M
2003-09-01Performance of an active mass driver system on a five storey benchmark modelSamali, B; Al-Dawod, M; Li, J
2013-01-01Performance of polymer-concrete composites exposed to harsh environmentNabavi, F; Nejadi, S; Samali, B
2013-01-01Performance of polymer-concrete composites exposed to severe environmentNabavi, F; Nejadi, S; Samali, B
2016-07-01Performance prediction of a new integrated central cooling plant for energy efficiency and comfort enhancementVakiloroaya, V; Samali, B; Eager, D
2015-04-01Physical modeling of seismic soil-pile-structure interaction for buildings on soft soilsHokmabadi, AS; Fatahi, B; Samali, B
2005-01Pilot Investigation of Continuity Effect of Corbel in Timber BridgesChoi, F; Samali, B; Crews, KI; Deeks, AJ; Hao, H
2013-12-10Predicting the bond between concrete and reinforcing steel at elevated temperaturesAslani, F; Samali, B
2014-01-01Prediction of Scouring Depth at the Outlet of Partially Blocked Box CulvertSorourian, S; Keshavarzi, A; Samali, B; Ball, J
2020-01Prefabricated hybrid steel wall panels for mid-rise construction in seismic regionsMortazavi, M; Sharafi, P; Kildashti, K; Samali, B
2017-03-01Pull-out Strengths of GFRP-Concrete Bond Exposed to Applied Environmental ConditionsKabir, MI; Samali, B; Shrestha, R
2011-08-12Pushover testing of circular adobe structureJinwuth, W; Samali, B; Wang, C
2011-01Quantifying and assessing impacts of building processes in a triple bottom line approachLiu, J; Ding, GK; Samali, B; Huovila Pekka
2017-01-01Railway track condition monitoring using dynamic measurements on in-service vehiclesZhu, XQ; Law, SS; Samali, B
2012-01-01Recording inter-storey drifts of structures in time-history approach for seismic design of building framesHokmabadi, AS; Fatahi, B; Samali, B
2016-01-15Reducing the effect of wave dispersion in a timber pole based on transversely isotropic material modellingSubhani, M; Li, J; Samali, B; Crews, K
2005-01Reliable Assessment of Road Bridges Using Dynamic ProceduresCrews, KI; Samali, B; Al-Dawod, M; Steward, MG; Dockrill, B
2011-12-01Repair and strengthening of LVL beams with carbon FRPTat, T; Samali, B; Shrestha, R