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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-01Quantifying and assessing impacts of building processes in a triple bottom line approachLiu, J; Ding, GK; Samali, B; Huovila Pekka
2017-01-01Railway track condition monitoring using dynamic measurements on in-service vehiclesZhu, XQ; Law, SS; Samali, B
2012-01-01Recording inter-storey drifts of structures in time-history approach for seismic design of building framesHokmabadi, AS; Fatahi, B; Samali, B
2016-01-15Reducing the effect of wave dispersion in a timber pole based on transversely isotropic material modellingSubhani, M; Li, J; Samali, B; Crews, K
2005-01Reliable Assessment of Road Bridges Using Dynamic ProceduresCrews, KI; Samali, B; Al-Dawod, M; Steward, MG; Dockrill, B
2011-12-01Repair and strengthening of LVL beams with carbon FRPTat, T; Samali, B; Shrestha, R
2018-02-15A revisit of common normal method for discrete modelling of non-spherical particlesKildashti, K; Dong, K; Samali, B
2012-03-01Robust sampled-data control of structures subject to parameter uncertainties and actuator saturationDu, H; Zhang, N; Samali, B; Naghdy, F
2002-01Robustness of semi-active stiffness damper with system uncertaintySamali, B; Djajakesukma, S; Nguyen, HT; Loo, YC; Chowdhury, SH; Fragomeni, S
2008-12-31Segmentation of characters on car license platesHe, X; Zheng, L; Wu, Q; Jia, W; Samali, B; Palaniswami, M
2013-01-01Seismic behavior of building frames considering dynamic soil-structure interactionTabatabaiefar, HR; Fatahi, B; Samali, B
2011-12-01Seismic behaviour of concrete moment resisting buildings on soft soil considering soil-structure interactionSamali, B; Fatahi, B; Tabatabaiefar, HR
2010-01Seismic Behaviour of Steel Moment Resisting Buildings on Soft Soil Considering Soil-Structure InteractionFar, H; Fatahi, B; Samali, B; Technical Committee
2011-10-25Seismic capacity comparison between square and circular plan adobe constructionSamali, B; Jinwuth, W; Heathcote, K; Wang, C
2005Seismic Improvement of Adobe-Mudbrick Walls-Comparison between Internal and External Vertical ReinforcementDowling, D; Samali, B; Li, J; Lam; N.T.K., Wilson; J.L., Butler, B.
2013-08-12Seismic performance improvement of stone masonry buildings in mud mortarPun, R; Samali, B; Valipour, H
2014-01-01Seismic performance-based design for tall buildings considering soil-pile-structure interactionFatahi, B; Hokmabadi, AS; Samali, B
2014-01-01Seismic response of mid-rise buildings on shallow and end-bearing pile foundations in soft soilHokmabadi, AS; Fatahi, B; Samali, B
2013-01-01Seismic response of superstructure on soft soil considering soil-pile-structure interactionHokmabadi, AS; Fatahi, B; Samali, B
2003-01Seismic Response of Torsionally Sensitive Building ModelsWu, Y; Samali, B; Li, J; Mathew, PJ