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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-01Variable structure control of seismically excited structure with shape memory alloy actuatorsLi, J; Samali, B; Chapman, C; Zhang, L; Tong, L; Gal, J
2001-01Vibration control of a 5-storey benchmark building utilising liquid column vibration absorbersSamali, B; Mayol, E; Kwok, KC; Mack, AN; Hitchcock, P; Valliappan, S; Khalili, N
2002-01Vibration control of a five storey benchmark building excited by earthquake using liquid column vibrator absorbersSamali, B; Mayol, E; Mack, AN; Kwok, KC; Hitchcock, P; Zhang, L; Tong, L; Gal, J
2007-06-01Vibration control of a wind-excited benchmark tall building with complex lateral-torsional modes of vibrationTse, KT; Kwok, KCS; Hitchcock, PA; Samali, B; Huang, MF
2003-01Vibration Control of An Experimental Benchmark Model To Earthquake Using Liquid Column Vibration Absorbers (LCVAs)Mayol, E; Samali, B; Kwok, KC; Li, J; Mathew, PJ
2002-01Vibration control of five storey model with semi-active stiffness damperDjajakesukma, S; Samali, B; Nguyen, HT; Zhang, L; Tong, L; Gal, J
2004-04-01Vibration control of the wind-excited 76-story benchmark building by liquid column vibration absorbersSamali, B; Mayol, E; Kwok, KCS; Mack, A; Hitchcock, P
2013-10-30A vibration-based approach for the estimation of the loss of composite action in timber composite systemsDackermann, U; Li, JC; Rijal, R; Samali, B
2014-01-01Vibration-based damage detection for timber structures in AustraliaSamali, B; Li, J; Dackermann, U; Choi, FC
2007-12-01Wind loading on tall buildingsMendis, P; Ngo, T; Haritos, N; Hira, A; Samali, B; Cheung, J
2004-04-01Wind tunnel tests for wind-excited benchmark buildingSamali, B; Kwok, KCS; Wood, GS; Yang, JN