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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2017Performance Analysis of Frequency Reuse for PPP Networks in Composite Rayleigh–Lognormal Fading ChannelLam, SC; Sandrasegaran, K; Ghosal, P
16-Jan-2018Performance analysis of joint scheduling in random cellular networksLam, SC; Sandrasegaran, K
1-Jan-2015Performance analysis of PF, M-LWDF and EXP/PF packet scheduling algorithms in 3GPP LTE downlinkAfroz, F; Sandrasegaran, K; Ghosal, P
1-Jan-2013Performance analysis of two component carrier selection algorithms in the downlink LTE-ARamli, HAM; Ismail, AF; Abdullah, K; Sandrasegaran, K
26-Jul-2010Performance analysis of two packet scheduling Algorithms in downlink 3GPP LTE systemXue, M; Sandrasegaran, K; Ramli, HAM; Lin, CC
1-Dec-2007Performance comparison of adaptive power control in UMTSPatachaianand, R; Sandrasegaran, K
3-Oct-2016Performance comparison of packet scheduling algorithms in LTE-A HetNetsSubramanian, R; Sandrasegaran, K; Kong, X
1-Dec-2007Performance evaluation of a multi-interface model for media independent handoverMo, L; Sandrasegaran, K; Tung, T
1-Dec-2012Performance evaluation of capacity based CoMP handover algorithm for LTE-AdvancedLin, CC; Sandrasegaran, K; Zhu, X; Xu, Z
2-Sep-2013Performance evaluation of cell selection techniques for picocells in LTE-advanced networksDaeinabi, A; Sandrasegaran, K; Zhu, X
26-Jul-2010Performance evaluation on common radio resource management algorithmsWu, L; Al Sabbagh, AE; Sandrasegaran, K; Elkashlan, M; Lin, CC
1-Dec-2007Performance of adaptive power control in presence of loop delaysPatachaianand, R; Sandrasegaran, K
3-Oct-2016Performance of soft frequency reuse in random cellular networks in Rayleigh-Lognormal fading channelsLam, SC; Sandrasegaran, K; Quoc, TN
Jan-2009Performance of Well Known Packet Scheduling Algorithms in the Downlink 3GPP LTE SystemBasukala, R; Mohd Ramli, H; Sandrasegaran, K; Parman, H; Ali, BM; Ismail, M; Mohamad, H; Anuar, K
1-Jan-2015Performance of well-known frequency reuse algorithms in LTE downlink 3GPP LTE systemsLam, SC; Subramanian, R; Sandrasegaran, K; Ghosal, P; Barua, S
1-Dec-2007Performance study of new adaptive power control algorithmPatachaianand, R; Sandrasegaran, K
22-Sep-2008Performance study of video streaming in commercial UMTS networkPatachaianand, R; Sandrasegaran, K
5-May-2009Proportional fair scheduling with reduced feedbackPatachaianand, R; Sandrasegaran, K
Jan-2009A Proxy Based Authentication Localisation Scheme for Handover between Non Trust-Associated DomainsLi, K; Sandrasegaran, K
1-Sep-2011Quality-driven scheduling for Long-Term Evolution systemMohd Ramli, HA; Sandrasegaran, K; Patachaianand, R