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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Oct-2014Rach Congestion in Vehicular NetworkingSubramanian, R; Sandrasegaran, K
1-Dec-2010Radio propagation modelling in the downlink LTEDeroussent, A; Sandrasegaran, K; Ramli, HAM; Basukala, R
26-Jul-2010Requirement of handover modeling in the downlink 3GPP long term evolution systemLin, CC; Sandrasegaran, K; Mohd Ramli, HA; Xue, M
28-Jun-2004Requirements for identity management in next generation networksSubenthiran, S; Sandrasegaran, K; Shalak, R
20-Aug-2010Resource allocation technique for video streaming applications in the LTE systemRamli, HAM; Sandrasegaran, K; Basukala, R; Patachaianand, R; Xue, M; Lin, CC
1-Jan-2019Road Vehicle Detection and Classification Using Magnetic Field MeasurementChen, X; Kong, X; Xu, M; Sandrasegaran, K; Zheng, J
1-Jan-2013Robust scheduling algorithm for Guaranteed Bit Rate servicesRamli, HAM; Sandrasegaran, K
Jan-2006Simulation of Call Admission Control in Multi-Traffic WCDMA SystemsPatachaianand, R; Sandrasegaran, K; Reisenfeld, APS
12-Mar-2007Simulation of Call Admission Control in Multi-Traffics WCDMA SystemPatachaianand, R; Sandrasegaran, K
1-Jan-2014A simulation tool for downlink long term evolution-advancedRamli, HAM; Sandrasegaran, K; Ismail, AF; Latif, SA; Isa, FNM
Jan-2012Single Criterion Based AlgorithmsWu, L; Sandrasegaran, K; Wu, L; Sandrasegaran, K
31-Aug-2015SINR, RSRP, RSSI and RSRQ Measurements in Long Term Evolution NetworksAfroz, F; Subramanian, R; Heidary, R; Sandrasegaran, K; Ahmed, S
2016SON in Location-Based ServicesSubramanian, R; Afroz, F; Sandrasegaran, K; Kong, X
Jan-2010Speed Estimation Using Transmit Power Control Commands for UMTSSandrasegaran, K; Patachaianand, R; Madani, FM; Habibah Hashim
1-Dec-2016Strict frequency reuse algorithm in random cellular networksLam, SC; Sandrasegaran, K; Quoc, TN
22-Feb-2019Strict Frequency Reuse in Ultra Dense NetworksLam, SC; Danh Huynh, H; Nguyen, QT; Sandrasegaran, K
15-Oct-2012A study of packet scheduling with mobile cellular channel impairmentsRamli, HAM; Sandrasegaran, K; Abdullah, K
1-Dec-2007A study of the optimum power control fixed stepsize in the presence of power control loop delayPatachaianand, R; Sandrasegaran, K
Jan-2013A Study of WLAN RSSI Based Distance Measurement Using EEMDXu, Z; Sandrasegaran, K; Hu, B; Lin, C
1-Dec-2007A study on RAT selection algorithms in combined UMTS/GSM networksLeijia, W; Sandrasegaran, K