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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Building Relationships: Changing Technology and SocietyLoy, J; Schork, T; Koç, G; Christiansen, B
1-Apr-2019Case Studies in Topological Design and Optimization of Additively Manufactured Cable-netsTish, D; McGee, W; Schork, T; Thün, G; Velikov, K
2018Full-scale prototype of a lightweight and robotic incrementally formed copper facade system with standing seam connectionsNicholas, P; Voorderhake, D; Schork, T; Mueller, C; Adriaenssens, S
2018Lightweight 3D cellular microstructures for architectureSchork, T; Dang, T; Malekmohammadi, S; Mueller, C; Adriaenssens, S
2012Pattern in (formation)Schork, T; Nicholas, P; others
2011PrickingMaxwell, IJ; Pigram, DA; Schork, T; Nicholas, P
Jan-2014Ribbed tiled vaulting: Innovation through two design-build workshopsBlock, P; Bayl-Smith, MK; Schork, T; Bellamy, J; Pigram, DA; Gramazio, F; Kohler, M; Langenberg, S
2014The Social Weavers: Negotiating a continuum of agencyNicholas, P; Stasiuk, D; Schork, T
2017Timber 4.0: a computer-vision approach for visual grading low-grade plantationBooth, P; Maxwell, I; Schork, T; Schnabel, MA
2018Topological Design and Optimization of Additively Manufactured Tensile MeshesTish, D; McGee, W; Schork, T; Thün, G; Velikov, K; Mueller, C; Adriaenssens, S
1-Jan-2018Topologically optimized and functionally graded cable nets: New approaches through robotic additive manufacturingTish, D; Schork, T; McGee, W
2019Towards Visual Feedback Loops for Robot-Controlled Additive ManufacturingSutjipto, S; Tish, D; Paul, G; Vidal Calleja, T; Schork, T; Willmann, J; Block, P; Hutter, M; Byrne, K; Schork, T