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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2004E-Commerce Environments as 3D Electronic InstitutionsBogdanovych, A; Berger, H; Simoff, SJ; Sierra, C; Karmakar, N; Pedro, I
30-Sep-2010Ecologically rational agencyDebenham, J; Sierra, C
1-Jan-2015Engineering multiuser museum interactives for shared cultural experiencesConfalonieri, R; Yee-King, M; Hazelden, K; D'Inverno, M; De Jonge, D; Osman, N; Sierra, C; Agmoud, L; Prade, H
1-Dec-2008The examination of an information-based approach to trustHarbers, M; Verbrugge, R; Sierra, C; Debenham, J
1-Dec-2013An experience-based BDI logic: Motivating shared experiences and intentionalityOsman, N; D'Inverno, M; Sierra, C; Amgoud, L; Prade, H; Yee-King, M; Confalonieri, R; De Jonge, D; Hazelden, K
1-Dec-2012Experiences - A forgotten component of epistemic statesAmgoud, L; D'Inverno, M; Osman, N; Prade, H; Sierra, C
1-Dec-2007From graphs to Euclidean Virtual Worlds: Visualization of 3D Electronic InstitutionsDrago, S; Bogdanovych, A; Ancona, M; Simoff, S; Berger, H; Sierra, C
1-Jan-2016GANGSTER: An automated negotiator applying genetic algorithmsde Jonge, D; Sierra, C
Jan-2005Implicit training of virtual shopping assistants in 3D electronic institutionsBogdanovych, A; Simoff, SJ; Sierra, C; Berger, H; Karmakar, N; Isaias, P
1-Dec-2007Information-based agencySierra, C; Debenham, J
14-Dec-2009Information-based argumentationSierra, C; Debenham, J
Jan-2008Information-based DeliberationSierra, C; Debenham, JK; Padgham, L; Parkes, D
Jan-2005An Information-Based model for trustSierra, C; Debenham, JK; Dignum, F; Dignum, V; Koenig, S; Kraus, S; Singh, M; Wooldridge, M
Jan-2009Information-based ReputationSierra, C; Debenham, JK; Mario Paolucci
1-Dec-2007The LOGIC negotiation modelSierra, C; Debenham, J
1-Apr-2017Managing different sources of uncertainty in a BDI framework in a principled way with tractable fragmentsBauters, K; McAreavey, K; Liu, W; Hong, J; Godo, L; Sierra, C
25-Sep-2008A map of trust between trading partnersDebenham, J; Sierra, C
15-Dec-2009Mediation = information revelation + analogical reasoningSimoff, S; Sierra, C; López De Màntaras, R
2008Merging intelligent agency and the semantic webDebenham, J; Sierra, C
1-Apr-2008Merging intelligent agency and the Semantic WebDebenham, J; Sierra, C