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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2005Narrowing the gap between humans and agents in e-commerce: 3D electronic institutionsBogdanovych, A; Berger, H; Simoff, SJ; Sierra, C
Jan-2007Opening new dimensions for e-TourismBerger, H; Dittenbach, M; Merkl, D; Bogdanovych, A; Simoff, SJ; Sierra, C
31-Jan-2012P2P proteomics -- data sharing for enhanced protein identification.Schorlemmer, M; Abián, J; Sierra, C; de la Cruz, D; Bernacchioni, L; Jaén, E; Perreau de Pinninck, A; Atencia, M
1-Jan-2016Personalised automated assessmentsGutierrez, P; Osman, N; Roig, C; Sierra, C
Jan-2006Playing the e-Business Game in 3D virtual worldsBerger, H; Dittenbach, M; Merkl, D; Bogdanovych, A; Simoff, SJ; Sierra, C; Kjeldskov, J; Paay, J
1-Jan-2016PrefaceOsman, N; Sierra, C
Jan-2010Reputation as Aggregated OpinionsDebenham, JK; Sierra, C; Buccafurri, F; Semeraro, G
1-Jan-2016Reputation in the academic worldOsman, N; Sierra, C
Jan-2012Robust Trust: Prior Knowledge, Time and ContextDebenham, JK; Sierra, C; Lops, P
30-Nov-2012Self-disclosure decision making based on intimacy and privacySuch, JM; Espinosa, A; García-Fornes, A; Sierra, C
26-Nov-2012Sharing online cultural experiences: An argument-based approachAmgoud, L; Confalonieri, R; De Jonge, D; D'Inverno, M; Hazelden, K; Osman, N; Prade, H; Sierra, C; Yee-King, M
1-Jan-2016SIMPLE: A language for the specification of protocols, similar to natural languageDe Jonge, D; Sierra, C
Jan-2009Supplier performance in a Digital EcosystemFabregues, A; Madrenas, J; Sierra, C; Debenham, JK; Chang, E; Hussain, F; Kayacan, E
2012Towards community browsing for shared experiences: The webrowse systemYee-King, M; Confalonieri, R; De Jonge, D; Osman, N; Hazelden, K; Amgoud, L; Prade, H; Sierra, C; D'Inverno, M
Jan-2006Travel agents vs. online bookings: tackling the shortcomings of nowadays online tourism portalsBogdanovych, A; Berger, H; Simoff, SJ; Sierra, C; Hitz, M; Sigala, M; Murphy, J
Jan-2006Trust and honour in an information based agencySierra, C; Debenham, JK; Stone, P; Weiss, G
Jan-2013Trust and Matching Algorithms for Selecting Suitable AgentsOsman, N; Sierra, C; Mcneill, F; Pane, J; Debenham, JK
Jan-2007A Trust Model for Simple NegotiationDebenham, JK; Sierra, C; Chang, PE; Hussain, DFK
1-Jan-2016Trust, negotiations and virtual currencies for a sharing economyde Jonge, D; Sierra, C
Jan-2008Unifying Trust, Honour and ReliabilityDebenham, JK; Sierra, C; Chang, E; Hussain, FK