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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-05Influence of curing and retarder on early-age properties of powder geopolymer concreteGowripalan, N; Vu, T; De Silva, P; Sirivivatnanon, V; Kidd, P
2017-11-01Influence of permeability-reducing admixtures on water penetration in concreteMohammadreza Hassani, E; Vessalas, K; Sirivivatnanon, V; Baweja, D
2019-09-11Investigation of Alkali Threshold Limits and Blended Aggregate in ASR Risk-Assessed ConcretesVessalas, K; Nsiah-Baafi, E; Thomas, P; Sirivivatnanon, V
2019-09-08Investigation of ASR Reactivity through Slurry Dissolution TestsThomas, P; Roboredo, C; Boyd-Weetman, B; Vessalas, K; Farah, D; Sirivivatnanon, V
2019-09-08Investigation on the influence of run of station fly ash in concrete pavement constructionSirivivatnanon, V; Moghaddam, F; Vessalas, K
2015-08-30Linking New Australian Alkali Silica Reactivity Tests to World-Wide Performance DataRocker, P; Mohammadi, J; Sirivivatnanon, V; South, W
2019-09-08Mechanical properties of ASR affected concrete: a critical reviewNguyen, TN; Yu, Y; Li, J; Gowripalan, N; Sirivivatnanon, V
2019-01-01Mechanistic Role of Supplementary Cementitious Materials (SCMs) in Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) MitigationTapas, M; Vessalas, K; Thomas, P; Sirivivatnanon, V; Kidd, P
2019-01-01Mitigating Alkali Silica reactions in the absence of SCMs: A review of empirical studiesNsiah-Baafi, E; Vessalas, K; Thomas, P; Sirivivatnanon, V
2020-01-01An Optimised Support Vector Machine Model for Elastic Modulus Prediction of Concrete Subject to Alkali Silica ReactionNguyen, TN; Yu, Y; Li, J; Sirivivatnanon, V
2017-01-01“Performance-based Specification of sand for skid resistance of concrete pavements”, ASCP 4th Concrete Pavement Conference, 2017.Sirivivatnanon, V; Khabbaz, H; Ayton, G
2019-09-08A Plastic-Damage Model for Concrete under Cyclic LoadsSarikaya, A; Erkmen, RE; Gowripalan, N; Sirivivatnanon, V; South, W
2015-09-25PROPERTIES OF METAKAOLIN CONCRETE – A REVIEWKhamchin Moghaddam, F; Sri Ravindrarajah, R; Sirivivatnanon, V
2019-09-08Reliability of extending AS1141.60.1 and 60.2 test methods to determine ASR mitigationSirivivatnanon, V; Hocking, D; Cheney, K; Rocker, P
2016-11-15Reliability of new Australian test methods in predicting alkali silica reaction of field concreteSirivivatnanon, V; Mohammadi, J; South, W
2017-10-25Role of Supplementary Cementitious Material Composition in its Efficacy to Mitigate Alkali-Silica ReactionTapas, M; Vessalas, K; Thomas, P; Sirivivatnanon, V
2019-01-01Sixty-year service life of port kembla saltwater concrete swimming poolSirivivatnanon, V
2019-09-08Soft computing techniques for evaluation of elastic modulus of ASR affected concreteYu, Y; Nguyen, TN; Li, J; Sirivivatnanon, V
2019-09-08Soft computing techniques for evaluation of elastic modulus of ASR affected concreteYu, Y; Nguyen, TN; Li, J; Sirivivatnanon, V
2015-08-30The Use of Reaction Kinetics in Classifying Alkali Silica Reactivity Potential of AggregatesBornstein, B; Hocking, D; Bacolod, J; Sirivivatnanon, V