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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2012Concurrent Undergraduate Study and Industry Experience - The Australian ExperienceMills, A; Smith, PV; Mohamed, H; Jamil, S
Jan-2012Construction Cost Management in China: The Impact of Government Economic ReformsSmith, PV; Ding, GK; Pearl, RG; Verster, JJP
Jan-2007The cost management system in China - The impact of social and economic reforms in the construction industryDing, GK; Smith, PV; Yan, L; Zou, P; Newton, S; Wang, J
Jan-2014Detailed Building Measurement - Volume 1Smith, PV; Best, R; Doherty, J
1-Jan-2016Detailed Building Measurement - Volume 2Smith, PV; Best, R; Doherty, J
Jan-2012Economic reforms in the Chinese construction industry - cost management implicationsSmith, PV; Ding, GK; -
Jan-2012Employment of undergraduate construction studentsSmith, PV; McLaughlin, P; Mills, A
22-Sep-2014Global Construction Measurement Standards for Quantity Surveying/Cost EngineeringSmith, PV
Jan-2012The Global Cost Management ProfessionSmith, PV; Pearl, RG; Verster, JJP
Jan-2012The Global Rise of the Quantity Surveying/Cost Engineering ProfessionSmith, PV; Mohamed, H; Jamil, S
Jan-2009Home Ownership Affordability Measurement - A More Comprehensive and Unbiased ApproachSmith, PV; City Futures Research Centre, UNSW
1-Dec-2016Home Ownership Rates & Affordability - Global ComparisonsSmith, PV
Jan-2007ICEC International Cost Model - Location Factor ProductHollmann, J; Smith, PV; n/a
2016International Construction Measurement Standards - A Global FirstSmith, PV; Singhaputtangkul, N
16-Dec-2008The international cost engineering council and the global demand for cost engineersSmith, PV
20-May-2014The International Cost Engineering Council – Global ObjectivesSmith, PV
1-Dec-2016International Measurement Standards: Space, Cost and TechnologySmith, PV; Muse, A
Jan-2012Investigating the Impact of Economic Reforms on the Construction Cost Management System in ChinaDing, GK; Smith, PV
Jan-2010Life Cycle Costs & Housing Affordability MeasurementSmith, PV; Ling, FPP; Yong, SK
Jan-2003A Lifecycle Cost Model for Measuring Housing AffordabilitySmith, PV; Japan, TBSIO