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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-09-01'Brave new world' or 'sticky wicket'? Women, management and organizational power in Cricket AustraliaStronach, M; Adair, D
2018Cultural Change or an Uneasy Truce: Forestry and Tourism in Geeveston, Southern TasmaniaStronach, M
2019-05-27‘Djabooly-djabooly: why don’t they swim?’: the ebb and flow of water in the lives of Australian Aboriginal womenStronach, M; Adair, D; Maxwell, H
2021-08-20Entrepreneurs with Disability Australia: Experiences of People with Disability with Microenterprises, Self-Employment and Entrepreneurship - Report 2 Policy and Organisational Level InitiativesDarcy, S; Collins, J; Stronach, M
2014-01-01A ‘fair go’ on Australian beachesMaxwell, H; Edwards, M; Stronach, M; Brown, V
2014-01-01'Game over': Indigenous Australian sportsmen and athletic retirementStronach, M; Adair, D; Taylor, T
2017-11-02Indigenous Australian women and sport: findings and recommendations from a parliamentary inquiryMaxwell, H; Stronach, M; Adair, D; Pearce, S
2019-02-01Indigenous Australian women promoting health through sportStronach, M; Maxwell, H; Pearce, S
2014-05-03Kwementyaye (Charles) Perkins: Indigenous soccer player and Australian political activistAdair, D; Stronach, M
2017-10-02Kwementyaye (Charles) Perkins: Indigenous Soccer Player and Australian Political ActivistAdair, D; Stronach, M; Nauright, J; Wiggins, D
2016-01-02‘Sistas’ and Aunties: sport, physical activity, and Indigenous Australian womenStronach, M; Maxwell, H; Taylor, T