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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-1997Scratch friction studies of polycarbonateStuart, BH
1-Jan-1996Scratch hardness studies of poly(ether ether ketone)Stuart, BH; Briscoe, BJ
21-Jan-2015Seasonal comparison of carrion volatiles in decomposition soil using comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography-time of flight mass spectrometryPerrault, KA; Rai, T; Stuart, BH; Forbes, SL
1-Dec-2018Seasonal variation of fatty acid profiles from textiles associated with decomposing pig remains in a temperate Australian environmentUeland, M; Forbes, SL; Stuart, BH
6-Feb-2008Solid-phase extraction in combination with GC/MS for the quantification of free fatty acids in adipocereNotter, SJ; Stuart, BH; Dent, BB; Keegan, J
1-Dec-2008A spectroscopic investigation of the weathering of a heritage Sydney sandstoneIp, KH; Stuart, BH; Ray, AS; Thomas, PS
1-Sep-2005Studies of adipocere using attenuated total reflectance infrared spectroscopyStuart, BH; Craft, L; Forbes, SL; Dent, BB
1-May-2011A study of ochres from an Australian aboriginal bark painting using thermal methodsThomas, PS; Stuart, BH; McGowan, N; Guerbois, JP; Berkahn, M; Daniel, V
1-Mar-2010A study of storage conditions and treatments for forensic bone specimens using thermogravimetric analysisRaja, S; Thomas, PS; Stuart, BH
1-Aug-2016A study to model the post-mortem stability of 4-MMC, MDMA and BZP in putrefying remainsWenholz, DS; Luong, S; Philp, M; Forbes, SL; Stuart, BH; Drummer, OH; Fu, S
1-Jan-1997Surface plasticisation of poly(ether ether ketone) by chloroformStuart, BH
1-May-2008The tensile and tear properties of a biodegradable polyester filmNissen, KE; Stuart, BH; Stevens, MG; Baker, AT
1-Apr-2008TG-MS analysis of the thermal decomposition of pig bone for forensic applicationsOnishi, A; Thomas, PS; Stuart, BH; Guerbois, JP; Forbes, SL
1-May-2007TG-MS characterisation of pig bone in an inert atmosphereOnishi, A; Thomas, PS; Stuart, BH; Guerbois, JP; Forbes, S
1-Mar-2010TGMS analysis of archaeological bone from burials of the late Roman periodDevièse, T; Colombini, MP; Regert, M; Stuart, BH; Guerbois, JP
1-Jun-2005Thermal analysis of heritage stonesFriolo, KH; Ray, AS; Stuart, BH; Thomas, PS
1-Apr-2008Thermal characterization of the clay binder of heritage Sydney sandstonesIp, KH; Stuart, BH; Thomas, PS; Ray, AS
1-Jan-1998Tribological studies of poly(ether ether ketone) blendsStuart, BH