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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-01The Effect of Mutual Coupling Between Antenna Elements on the Performance of Indoor MIMO SystemsTang, Z; Sanagavarapu, AM; Pack, JK; Lee, HS; Lee, SG
2005-12-01Effect of the strongest multpath component on indoor MIMO performanceTang, Z; Mohan, AS
2004-01Effects of Signals Clustering on the Capacity of Indoor MIMO channelsTang, Z; Sanagavarapu, AM; No editors
2015-01-12Efficient people counting with limited manual interferencesXu, J; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; Silk, B; Ngo, GT; Tang, Z
2003-01-01Evaluation of the performance of indoor MIMO systemsTang, Z; Mohan, AS
2005-12-01Experimental investigation of indoor MIMO Ricean channel capacityTang, Z; Mohan, AS
2019-12-01Experimental study on the compressive strength, damping and interfacial transition zone properties of modified recycled aggregate concreteLei, B; Liu, H; Yao, Z; Tang, Z
2019-01-01Exploiting textual and visual features for image categorizationYao, Y; Yang, W; Huang, P; Wang, Q; Cai, Y; Tang, Z
2014-01-01Exploiting Universum data in AdaBoost using gradient descentXu, J; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; Tang, Z
2017-08-01Exploiting Web Images for Dataset Construction: A Domain Robust ApproachYao, Y; Zhang, J; Shen, F; Hua, X; Xu, J; Tang, Z
2019-01-01Extracting Multiple Visual Senses for Web LearningYao, Y; Shen, F; Zhang, J; Liu, L; Tang, Z; Shao, L
2019-01-01Extracting Privileged Information for Enhancing Classifier LearningYao, Y; Shen, F; Zhang, J; Liu, L; Tang, Z; Shao, L
2018-01-01Extracting privileged information from untagged corpora for classifier learningYao, Y; Zhang, J; Shen, F; Yang, W; Hua, XS; Tang, Z
2012-08-31Fast and accurate human detection using a cascade of boosted MS-LBP featuresXu, J; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; Tang, Z
2017-10-21A Fast Generalized Low Rank Representation Framework Based on L<inf>2,p</inf> Norm Minimization for Subspace ClusteringZhang, T; Tang, Z; Shen, X
2019-11-01Feature Affinity-Based Pseudo Labeling for Semi-Supervised Person Re-IdentificationDing, G; Zhang, S; Khan, S; Tang, Z; Zhang, J; Porikli, F
2018-12-13Historical image annotation by exploring the tag relevanceZhang, J; Wu, Q; Xu, J; Lu, J; Phua, R; Curr, K; Tang, Z
2003-12-01A hybrid indoor MIMO channel model using signal clusters for wireless communicationMohan, AS; Tang, Z
2005-07-11Impact of clustering in indoor MIMO propagation using a hybrid channel modelTang, Z; Mohan, AS
2017-04-01Improved Algorithm Based on Non-negative Low Rank and Sparse Graph for Semi-supervised LearningZhang, T; Tang, Z