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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-11-05Object detection based on co-occurrence GMuLBP featuresXu, J; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; Tang, Z
2012-01Perceptual image hashing with histogram of color vector anglesTang, Z; Dai, Y; Zhang, X; Zhang, S
2004-12-01Performance of beamforming and mimo technique in an indoor ricean clustering channelTang, Z; Mohan, AS
2019-11-30Physical-mechanical properties of fly ash/GGBFS geopolymer composites with recycled aggregatesHu, Y; Tang, Z; Li, W; Li, Y; Tam, VWY
2017-04-25A Real-time Fault Detection Method for the Air-fuel Ratio of Gasoline Engine Based on the Trend and Correlation Analysis of DataflowWu, S; Tang, Z; Chen, C
2017-11-01A Real-Time local path planning method based on SVM for UGVZhuge, C; Tang, Z
2017-11-10Recognition Applications for Air Fuel Ratio Faults of Gasoline Engines Using Sparse Representation Classification Based on Optimization of Dictionary CoherenceWu, S; Tang, Z; Liu, Q
2019-03-10Review on designs and properties of multifunctional alkali-activated materials (AAMs)Tang, Z; Li, W; Hu, Y; Zhou, JL; Tam, VWY
2019-01-16Robust CNN-based Gait Verification and Identification using Skeleton Gait Energy ImageYao, L; Kusakunniran, W; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; Tang, Z
2017-12-19Robust Gait Recognition under Unconstrained Environments Using Hybrid DescriptionsYao, L; Kusakunniran, W; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; Tang, Z
2019-01-01Robust gait recognition using hybrid descriptors based on Skeleton Gait Energy ImageYao, L; Kusakunniran, W; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; Tang, Z; Yang, W
2014-01Robust Perceptual Image Hashing Based on Ring Partition and NMFTang, Z; Zhang, X; Zhang, S
2017-05-01Robust subspace clustering via joint weighted Schatten-p norm and Lq norm minimizationZhang, T; Tang, Z; Liu, Q
2019-10-01Shear behavior degradation and failure pattern of reinforced concrete beam with chloride-induced stirrup corrosionLu, ZH; Li, H; Li, W; Zhao, YG; Tang, Z; Sun, Z
2018-01-22Speech Enhancement Based on NMF under Electric Vehicle Noise ConditionWang, M; Zhang, E; Tang, Z
2018-02-01Strong barrier coverage of directional sensor networks with mobile sensorsZhao, L; Bai, G; Shen, H; Tang, Z
2019-11-10Structural behavior of glubam I-joistsTang, Z; Shan, B; Li, WG; Peng, Q; Xiao, Y
2019-05-01Sulfate attack resistance of sustainable concrete incorporating various industrial solid wastesTang, Z; Li, W; Ke, G; Zhou, JL; Tam, VWY
2013-01-01Training boosting-like algorithms with semi-supervised subspace learningXu, J; Wu, Q; Zhang, J; Shen, F; Tang, Z
2019-11-01Uniaxial compressive behaviors of fly ash/slag-based geopolymeric concrete with recycled aggregatesTang, Z; Hu, Y; Tam, VWY; Li, W