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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Dec-2016Occlusion boundary detection via deep exploration of contextFu, H; Wang, C; Tao, D; Black, MJ
1-May-2018On better exploring and exploiting task relationships in multitask learning: Joint model and feature learningLi, Y; Tian, X; Liu, T; Tao, D
1-Jan-2016On combining compressed sensing and sparse representations for object trackingSun, H; Li, J; Du, B; Tao, D
1-Mar-2010On combining morphological component analysis and concentric morphology model for mammographic mass detectionGao, X; Wang, Y; Li, X; Tao, D
8-May-2012On combining multiple features for cartoon character retrieval and clip synthesisYu, J; Liu, D; Tao, D; Seah, HS
1-Mar-2012On combining multiple features for hyperspectral remote sensing image classificationZhang, L; Zhang, L; Tao, D; Huang, X
1-Jan-2016On combining side information and unlabeled data for heterogeneous multi-task metric learningLuo, Y; Wen, Y; Tao, D
6-Nov-2017On compressing deep models by low rank and sparse decompositionYu, X; Liu, T; Wang, X; Tao, D
1-Jan-2017On gleaning knowledge from multiple domains for active learningWang, Z; Du, B; Zhang, L; Zhang, L; Hu, R; Tao, D
26-Nov-2012On preserving original variables in Bayesian PCA with application to image analysisLi, J; Tao, D
1-Aug-2018On selecting effective patterns for fast support vector regression trainingZhu, F; Gao, J; Xu, C; Yang, J; Tao, D
1-Nov-2018On Unifying Multi-view Self-Representations for Clustering by Tensor Multi-rank MinimizationXie, Y; Tao, D; Zhang, W; Liu, Y; Zhang, L; Qu, Y
11-May-2015Online multi-modal robust non-negative dictionary learning for visual trackingZhang, X; Guan, N; Tao, D; Qiu, X; Luo, Z
1-Jan-2016Online multi-object tracking by quadratic pseudo-boolean optimizationLan, L; Tao, D; Chen, G; Guan, N; Luo, Z
1-Dec-2012Online nonnegative matrix factorization with robust stochastic approximationGuan, N; Tao, D; Luo, Z; Yuan, B
2-Jul-2016Online Semi-Supervised Multi-Task Distance Metric LearningLi, Y; Tao, D
28-Nov-2011Opponent and feedback: Visual attention capturedWang, S; Song, M; Tao, D; Zhang, L; Bu, J; Chen, C
19-Oct-2004Orthogonal complement component analysis for positive samples in SVM based relevance feedback image retrievalTao, D; Tang, X
1-Dec-2013Orthogonal nonnegative locally linear embeddingWei, L; Guan, N; Zhang, X; Luo, Z; Tao, D
1-Aug-2016P-Laplacian Regularized Sparse Coding for Human Activity RecognitionLiu, W; Zha, ZJ; Wang, Y; Lu, K; Tao, D