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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Bottom up engineering of single crystal diamond membranes with germanium vacancy color centersTrycz, A; Regan, B; Kianinia, M; Bray, K; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I
2017-03-28Bright Room-Temperature Single-Photon Emission from Defects in Gallium NitrideBerhane, AM; Jeong, KY; Bodrog, Z; Fiedler, S; Schröder, T; Triviño, NV; Palacios, T; Gali, A; Toth, M; Englund, D; Aharonovich, I
2013-11-21Capsule-free fluid delivery and beam-induced electrodeposition in a scanning electron microscopeRandolph, SJ; Botman, A; Toth, M
2001-01-01Cathodoluminescence depth profiling of ion-implanted GaNKucheyev, SO; Toth, M; Phillips, MR; Williams, JS; Jagadish, C; Li, G
2003-04-01Cathodoluminescence efficiency dependence on excitation density in n-type gallium nitridePhillips, MR; Telg, H; Kucheyev, SO; Gelhausen, O; Toth, M
2002-05-01Chemical origin of the yellow luminescence in GaNKucheyev, SO; Toth, M; Phillips, MR; Williams, JS; Jagadish, C; Li, G
2009Contamination-free imaging by electron induced carbon volatilization in environmental scanning electron microscopyToth, M; Lobo, C; Lysaght, M; Vladar, A; Postek, M
2012-01Continuum modeling of electron beam induced processesLobo, C; Toth, M; Utke, I; Moshkalev, SA; Russell, P
2015-01-01Continuum models of focused electron beam induced processingToth, M; Lobo, C; Friedli, V; Szkudlarek, A; Utke, I
2014-01-01Cryogenic electron beam induced chemical etchingMartin, AA; Toth, M
2016-12-16Defect luminescence in diamond and GaN: Towards single photon emitting devicesBerhane, AM; Choi, S; Kato, H; Makino, T; Mizuochi, N; Yamasaki, S; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I
1999-07-05Depletion layer imaging using a gaseous secondary electron detector in an environmental scanning electron microscopePhillips, MR; Toth, M; Drouin, D
2013-08-01Deposition of highly porous nanocrystalline platinum on functionalized substrates through fluorine-induced decomposition of Pt(PF<inf>3</inf>) <inf>4</inf> adsorbatesRandolph, SJ; Botman, A; Toth, M
2001-03-15Depth-resolved cathodoluminescence microanalysis of near-edge emission in III-nitride thin filmsGelhausen, O; Phillips, MR; Toth, M
2018-01-09Design of photonic microcavities in hexagonal boron nitrideKim, S; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I
2017-04-12Deterministic Coupling of Quantum Emitters in 2D Materials to Plasmonic Nanocavity ArraysTran, TT; Wang, D; Xu, ZQ; Yang, A; Toth, M; Odom, TW; Aharonovich, I
2018-03-27Deterministic Nanopatterning of Diamond Using Electron BeamsBishop, J; Fronzi, M; Elbadawi, C; Nikam, V; Pritchard, J; Fröch, JE; Duong, NMH; Ford, MJ; Aharonovich, I; Lobo, CJ; Toth, M
2019-01-01Direct measurement of quantum efficiency of single-photon emitters in hexagonal boron nitrideNikolay, N; Mendelson, N; Özelci, E; Sontheimer, B; Böhm, F; Kewes, G; Toth, M; Aharonovich, I; Benson, O
2013-01-25Direct-write 3D nanolithography at cryogenic temperaturesBresin, M; Toth, M; Dunn, KA
2014-02-10Direct-write electron beam fabrication of optically active diamond nanostructuresToth, M; Martin, AA; Shanley, TW; Aharonovich, I