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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Sep-2007Efficient large-scale filter/filterbank design via LMI characterization of trigonometric curvesTuan, HD; Son, TT; Vo, BN; Nguyen, TQ
6-Aug-2007An efficient SDP based design for prototype filters of m-channel cosine-modulated filter banksKha, HH; Tuan, HD; Nguyen, TQ
1-May-2017Efficient Tensor Completion for Color Image and Video Recovery: Low-Rank Tensor TrainBengua, JA; Phien, HN; Tuan, HD; Do, MN
-Efficient tensor completion: Low-rank tensor trainPhien, HN; Tuan, HD; Bengua, JA; Do, MN
1-Dec-2017Energy-efficient precoding in multicell networks with full-duplex base stationsSheng, Z; Tuan, HD; Tam, HHM; Nguyen, HH; Fang, Y
1-Jan-2016Energy-Efficient Signalling in QoS Constrained Heterogeneous NetworksNguyen, LD; Tuan, HD; Duong, TQ
6-Aug-2007Entropy of general Gaussian distributions and MIMO channel capacity maximizing precoder and decoderTuan, HD; Pham, DH; Vo, B; Nguyen, TQ
18-Aug-2011Error-entropy based channel state estimation of spatially correlated MIMO-OFDMTuan, HD; Kha, HH; Nguyen, HH
1-Feb-2012Fast global optimal power allocation in wireless networks by local D.C. programmingKha, HH; Tuan, HD; Nguyen, HH
1-Dec-2011Fast local D.C. programming for optimal power allocation in wireless networksKha, HH; Tuan, HD; Nguyen, HH
1-Oct-2018Fractional Time Exploitation for Serving IoT Users with Guaranteed QoS by 5G SpectrumNasir, AA; Tuan, HD; Duong, TQ
6-Aug-2007Frequency selective KYP lemma and its applications to IIR filter bank designHoang, HG; Tuan, HD; Nguyen, TQ
10-Mar-2009Frequency-selective KYP lemma, IIR filter, and filter bank designHoang, HG; Tuan, HD; Nguyen, TQ
1-Dec-2017Full-duplex cyber-weapon with massive arraysNguyen, NP; Ngo, HQ; Duong, TQ; Tuan, HD; Da Costa, DB
1-Sep-2004Gain-scheduled filtering for time-varying discrete systemsHoang, NT; Tuan, HD; Apkarian, P; Hosoe, S
1-Jul-2009A Gaussian mixture PHD filter for jump Markov system modelsPasha, SA; Vo, BN; Tuan, HD; Ma, WK
1-Jul-2013Generalized S-Lemma and strong duality in nonconvex quadratic programmingTuy, H; Tuan, HD
1-Aug-2018Global optimal power flow over large-scale power transmission networksShi, Y; Tuan, HD; Apkarian, P; Savkin, AV
14-Dec-2012Global optimization for human skin investigation in terahertzTruong, BCQ; Tuan, HD; Kha, HH; Nguyen, HT
1-Nov-2017Global optimization for optimal power flow over transmission networksShi, Y; Tuan, HD; Tuy, H; Su, S