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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2005Mask constrained beam pattern synthesis for large arraysHoang, HG; Vo, BN; Tuan, HD; Son, TT
-Matrix Product State for Feature Extraction of Higher-Order TensorsBengua, JA; Phien, HN; Tuan, HD; Do, MN
1-Aug-2017Matrix Product State for Higher-Order Tensor Compression and ClassificationBengua, JA; Ho, PN; Tuan, HD; Do, MN
1-Aug-2012Maximin relay beamforming in multi-user amplify-forward wireless relay networksRashid, U; Tuan, HD; Nguyen, HH
1-Feb-2017MIMO Beamforming for Secure and Energy-Efficient Wireless CommunicationNghia, NT; Tuan, HD; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV
1-May-2017MIMO Energy Harvesting in Full-Duplex Multi-User NetworksTam, HHM; Tuan, HD; Nasir, AA; Duong, TQ; Poor, HV
1-Mar-2019Model predictive control for smart grids with multiple electric-vehicle charging stationsVincent Poor, H; Shi, Y; Tuan, HD; Savkin, AV; Duong, TQ
14-Nov-2017Modeling and Analysis of Interference for Diffusion-Based Nanoscale Networks with Spatially Distributed TransmittersMai, TC; Hoang, TM; Tuan, HD; Di Renzo, M; Duong, TQ
1-Jan-2008A modified spatial spread spectrum method for digital image watermarkingNguyen, TT; Tuan, HD
1-Jan-2013Monotonic optimization based decoding for linear codesTuan, HD; Son, TT; Tuy, H; Khoa, PT
1-Jan-2006Monotonic optimization based decoding for linear codesSon, TT; Tuan, HD; Tuy, H
1-Jan-2016Multiple matrix rank constrained optimization for optimal power flow over large scale transmission networksShi, Y; Tuan, HD; Su, SW; Savkin, AV
22-Nov-2012Multisensor data fusion in nonlinear Bayesian filteringRashid, U; Tuan, HD; Apkarian, P; Kha, HH
1-Jan-2013Near-infrared parameters extraction: A potential method to detect skin cancerTruong, BCQ; Tuan, HD; Nguyen, HT
1-Feb-2004New Fuzzy Control Model and Dynamic Output Feedback Parallel Distributed CompensationTuan, HD; Apkarian, P; Narikiyo, T; Kanota, M
5-May-2005New Linear-Programming-Based Filter DesignTuan, HD; Son, TT; Tuy, H; Nguyen, T
1-Dec-2010New optimized solution method for beamforming in cognitive multicast transmissionPhan, AH; Tuan, HD; Kha, HH
5-Apr-2017Nonconvex spectral algorithm for solving BMI on the reduced order H<inf>∞</inf> controlShi, Y; Tuan, HD; Su, S
1-Dec-2017Nonconvex spectral optimization algorithms for reduced-order H<inf>∞</inf> LPV-LFT controllersShi, Y; Tuan, HD; Apkarian, P
1-Feb-2010Nonlinear bayesian filtering using the unscented linear fractional transformation modelPasha, SA; Tuan, HD; Vo, BN