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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016The Language of Collaboration: NGOs and Corporations Working TogetherVan Leeuwen, T; Tann, K; Benn, SH; de Silva Joyce, H
20-Oct-2018Multimodal dialogue on social mediaJovanovic, D; Van Leeuwen, T
1-Jan-2017Multimodality in organization studies: AfterwordVan Leeuwen, T
23-May-2005Multimodality, genre and designVan Leeuwen, T
1-Jan-2012Normativity and software: A multimodal social semiotic approachDjonov, E; Van Leeuwen, T
1-Nov-2011The semiotics of texture: From tactile to visualDjonov, E; Van Leeuwen, T
20-Oct-2018Social media as semiotic technology and social practice: the case of ResearchGate’s design and its potential to transform social practiceDjonov, E; Van Leeuwen, T
Jan-2003The discourses of war photography: Photojournalistic representations of the Palestinian-Israeli warVan Leeuwen, T; Jaworski, A
1-Jan-2006Towards a semiotics of typographyVan Leeuwen, T
1-Dec-2006Translation, adaptation, globalization: The Vietnam NewsVan Leeuwen, T
Jan-2014Understanding semiotic technology in university classrooms: a social semiotic approach to PowerPoint-assisted cultural studies lecturesZhao, S; Van Leeuwen, T
1-Jan-2013The Visual Dimension in Organizing, Organization, and Organization Research: Core Ideas, Current Developments, and Promising AvenuesMeyer, RE; Höllerer, MA; Jancsary, D; Van Leeuwen, T
1-Jan-2001What is authenticity?Van Leeuwen, T
1-Feb-2009The world according to PlaymobilVan Leeuwen, T