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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Rights and Realities in Australian and New Zealand Education: ‘regular and systematic and not unsuitable’?Varnham, S
Jan-2008Rights, responsibilities and regulation - the three Rs of education: a consideration of the state's control over parental choice in educationVarnham, S; Squelch, J
27-Jun-2018Risk and responsibility: Liability of school authorities for harm to pupilsVarnham, S
30-Sep-2017Risk, Responsibility and Restoration: School Safety - Liability and New ApproachesVarnham, S; Trimmer, K; Dixon, R; Findlay, YS
30-Sep-2017The Role of Catholic schools in Australia in educating for human rights and social justice: An overviewVarnham, S; de Groof, J; Du Plessis, G
Jan-2007Safety and Student Searches in Schools in USA, New Zealand and AustraliaRusso, CJ; Varnham, S; Squelch, J
Jan-2004School Safety and Disability DiscriminationVarnham, S
1-Sep-2009Secular, singular and self-expression? Religious freedom in australian and New Zealand educationVarnham, S; Evers, M
Jan-2005Seeing things differently: restorative justice and school disciplineVarnham, S
Jan-2002Special Education 2000 and Daniels v the Attorney-General: Equality of access to education for children with special needs in New ZealandVarnham, S
Jan-2001Straight Talking, Straight Teaching: are New Zealand tertiary institutes potentially liable to their students under consumer protection legislation?Varnham, S
Jan-2010Student Complaint Handling and Disciplinary Processes in the 21st Century Australian UniversityJackson, J; Fleming, H; Kamvounias, P; Varnham, S
31-Dec-2017Student Engagement In University Decision-Making And Governance – Towards A More Systemically Inclusive Student VoiceVarnham, S; Olliffe, B; Waite, K; Cahill, A
Jan-2011The Student Experience: The Holistic Law StudentVarnham, S; yap, W; Kift, S; Sanson, M; Cowley, J; Watson, P
Jan-2009Student Grievances and Discipline Matters ProjectJackson, J; Fleming, H; Kamvounias, P; Varnham, S
2015Student Misconduct and School Responses in Aotearoa New Zealand: Safety and SensibilityVarnham, S; Russo, C; Oosthuizen, I; Wolhuter, C
30-May-2015The Student Voice in University Decision-makingTyrrell, J; Varnham, S; Varnham, S; Kamvounias, P; Squelch, J
Jan-2010Teachers and Social Networking Sites: Think before you postRusso, CJ; Squelch, J; Varnham, S
Jan-2009Unfair, Unlawful or Just Unhappy? Issues Surrounding Complaints of Discrimination made by Students Against their Universities in AustraliaVarnham, S; Kamvounias, P
Jan-2014Universities as the 'Critics and Conscience of Society': The Challenges and Threats to Academic Freedom and University Autonomy in Today's Higher Education SectorVarnham, S; Jackson, J; Anthony Gladman