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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1995A Bene s formula for the fractional Brownian storageSimonian, A; Veitch, D
1-Feb-2012The case for feed-forward clock synchronizationRidoux, J; Veitch, D; Broomhead, T
2015Discrete Self-SimilarityGefferth, A; Molnár, S; Veitch, D
26-Mar-2018Disturbance observer-based visual servoing for multirotor unmanned aerial vehiclesXie, H; He, Z; Veitch, D
1-Jan-2014DTRACK: A system to predict and track internet path changesCunha, I; Teixeira, R; Veitch, D; Diot, C
22-Aug-2016Efficient remapping of internet routing eventsFazzion, E; Cunha, Í; Guedes, D; Meira, W; Teixeira, R; Veitch, D; Diot, C
1-Jun-2018Finding the Right Tree: Topology Inference Despite Spatial DependencesBowden, R; Veitch, D
1-Oct-2011Fisher information in flow size distribution estimationTune, P; Veitch, D
5-Dec-2012An IEEE-1588 compatible RADclockDavis, M; Villain, B; Ridoux, J; Orgerie, AC; Veitch, D
1-Jan-2016Network timing and the 2015 leap secondVeitch, D; Vijayalayan, K
8-Oct-2018Network Timing, Weathering the 2016 Leap SecondCao, Y; Veitch, D
1-Jan-2014OFSS: Skampling for the flow size distributionTune, P; Veitch, D
1-Jun-2015Optimal skampling for the flow size distributionVeitch, D; Tune, P
2016Past Present and Future of Scaling Behaviour in Telecommunications NetworksVeitch, D
29-Sep-2011Predicting and tracking Internet path changesCunha, I; Teixeira, R; Veitch, D; Diot, C
1-May-2011Probing for loss: The case against probe trainsBaccelli, F; MacHiraju, S; Veitch, D; Bolot, J
5-Dec-2012Probing the latencies of software timestampingVillain, B; Davis, M; Ridoux, J; Veitch, D; Normand, N
1-Jan-2014RA-inspired codes for efficient information theoretic multi-path network securityYe, T; Veitch, D; Johnson, S
2015RemapRoute: Reduzindo o custo do remapeamento de mudanças de roteamento na InternetCunha, Í; Teixeira, R; Veitch, D; Diot, C
15-Jul-2011The role of KL divergence in anomaly detectionZhang, L; Veitch, D; Ramamohanarao, K