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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Jul-2011Bound excitons in ZnO: Structural defect complexes versus shallow impurity centersWagner, MR; Callsen, G; Reparaz, JS; Schulze, JH; Kirste, R; Cobet, M; Ostapenko, IA; Rodt, S; Nenstiel, C; Kaiser, M; Hoffmann, A; Rodina, AV; Phillips, MR; Lautenschläger, S; Eisermann, S; Meyer, BK
30-Dec-2013Effects of strain on the valence band structure and exciton-polariton energies in ZnOWagner, MR; Callsen, G; Reparaz, JS; Kirste, R; Hoffmann, A; Rodina, AV; Schleife, A; Bechstedt, F; Phillips, MR
7-Feb-2011Phonon deformation potentials in wurtzite GaN and ZnO determined by uniaxial pressure dependent Raman measurementsCallsen, G; Reparaz, JS; Wagner, MR; Kirste, R; Nenstiel, C; Hoffmann, A; Phillips, MR
7-Nov-2014Phonon pressure coefficients and deformation potentials of wurtzite AlN determined by uniaxial pressure-dependent Raman measurementsCallsen, G; Wagner, MR; Reparaz, JS; Nippert, F; Kure, T; Kalinowski, S; Hoffmann, A; Ford, MJ; Phillips, MR; Dalmau, RF; Schlesser, R; Collazo, R; Sitar, Z
1-Jan-2013Structural and optical investigation of non-polar (1-100) GaN grown by the ammonothermal methodGogova, D; Petrov, PP; Buegler, M; Wagner, MR; Nenstiel, C; Callsen, G; Schmidbauer, M; Kucharski, R; Zajac, M; Dwilinski, R; Phillips, MR; Hoffmann, A; Fornari, R
7-Oct-2011Titanium-assisted growth of silica nanowires: From surface-matched to free-standing morphologiesCallsen, G; Reparaz, JS; Wagner, MR; Vierck, A; Phillips, MR; Thomsen, C; Hoffmann, A