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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2006Optical flow aided motion estimation for legged locomotionSingh, SPN; Csonka, PJ; Waldron, KJ
1-Apr-2007An optimal traction control scheme for off-road operation of robotic vehiclesWaldron, KJ; Abdallah, ME
1-Dec-2010Passively stable hopping of an articulated leg with a tendon-coupled ankleCsonka, PJ; Perkins, AD; Waldron, KJ
1-Jul-2015Professional interactions with Professor Erskine CrossleyWaldron, KJ; Jacobs, DA
9-Dec-2003Proprioceptive control for a robotic vehicle over geometric obstaclesWaldron, KJ; Arkin, RC; Bakkum, D; Merrill, E; Abdallah, M
1-Jul-2012A stance period approach for simplified observation of galloping as applied to caninesSingh, SPN; Waldron, KJ
1-Jan-2005Stiffness and texture perception for teledermatologyWaldron, KJ; Enedah, C; Gladstone, H
1-Dec-2008A subgoal-guided force field method for robot navigationWang, D; Liu, DK; Kwok, NM; Waldron, KJ
1-Oct-2004System design of a quadrupedal galloping machineNichol, JG; Singh, SPN; Waldron, KJ; Palmer, LR; Orin, DE
1-Oct-2008Thrust control, stabilization and energetics of a quadruped running robotEstremera, J; Waldron, KJ
18-Dec-2006Towards high-fidelity on-board attitude estimation for legged locomotion via a hybrid range and inertial approachSingh, SPN; Waldron, KJ
1-Jan-2017Upper body pose estimation utilizing kinematic constraints from physical human-robot interactionKhonasty, R; Carmichael, MG; Liu, D; Waldron, KJ