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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Jul-2019A law enforcement intelligence framework for use in predictive DNA phenotypingScudder, N; Robertson, J; Kelty, SF; Walsh, SJ; McNevin, D
1-Dec-2005Legal perceptions of forensic DNA profiling part I: a review of the legal literature.Walsh, SJ
1-Mar-2018Massively parallel sequencing and the emergence of forensic genomics: Defining the policy and legal issues for law enforcementScudder, N; McNevin, D; Kelty, SF; Walsh, SJ; Robertson, J
1-Jun-2010Nuclear staining of telogen hair roots contributes to successful forensic nDNA analysisBrooks, EM; Cullen, M; Sztydna, T; Walsh, SJ
1-Jan-2009Partial forensic validation of a 16plex SNP assay for the inference of biogeographical ancestryDaniel, R; Sanchez, JJ; Nassif, NT; Hernandez, A; Walsh, SJ
3-Apr-2019Policy and regulatory implications of the new frontier of forensic genomics: direct-to-consumer genetic data and genealogy recordsScudder, N; McNevin, D; Kelty, SF; Funk, C; Walsh, SJ; Robertson, J
13-Sep-2007Population data from sub-populations of the Northern Territory of Australia for 15 autosomal short tandem repeat (STR) loci.Eckhoff, C; Walsh, SJ; Buckleton, JS
5-Mar-2008Population data from the New South Wales Aboriginal Australian sub-population for the profiler plus autosomal short tandem repeat (STR) loci.Goetz, R; West, J; Walsh, SJ; Buckleton, JS
Jan-2005R v Bropho: Careful interpretation of DNA evidence required for courtroom decision-makingBuckleton, JS; Curran, JM; Walsh, SJ
Jan-2004Recent advances in forensic genetics.Walsh, SJ
1-Aug-2008SNPs associated with physical traits: A valuable tool for the inference of biogeographical ancestryDaniel, R; Sanchez, JJ; Nassif, NT; Hernandez, A; Walsh, SJ
1-Jan-2008Trace DNA analysis: Do you know what your neighbour is doing?. A multi-jurisdictional surveyRaymond, JJ; van Oorschot, RAH; Walsh, SJ; Roux, C
1-Nov-2004Trace DNA: An underutilized resource or Pandora's box? A review of the use of trace DNA analysis in the investigation of volume crimeRaymond, JJ; Walsh, SJ; Van Oorschot, RA; Gunn, PR; Roux, C
1-Jan-2009Trace evidence characteristics of DNA: A preliminary investigation of the persistence of DNA at crime scenesRaymond, JJ; van Oorschot, RAH; Gunn, PR; Walsh, SJ; Roux, C
1-Dec-2007Use of subpopulation data in Australian forensic DNA caseworkWalsh, SJ; Mitchell, RJ; Torpy, F; Buckleton, JS