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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2006MAC performance analysis on two-stage HFC access networkGao, F; He, X; Li, Y; Wang, J
1-Jan-2014Machine-cell and part-family formation in cellular manufacturing using a two-phase clustering algorithmYan, Z; Wang, J; Fan, J
1-Dec-2008Magnetite/carbon core-shell nanorods as anode materials for lithium-ion batteriesLiu, H; Wang, G; Wang, J; Wexler, D
1-Jan-2016Mars: A video benchmark for large-scale person re-identificationZheng, L; Bie, Z; Sun, Y; Wang, J; Su, C; Wang, S; Tian, Q
1-Jan-2014Mask assisted object coding with deep learning for object retrieval in surveillance videosTeng, K; Wang, J; Xu, M; Lu, H
Jan-2011Measurable Realistic Image-based 3D MappingLiu, W; Wang, J; Wang, J; Ding, W; Almagbile, A
1-Jun-2010Measurement and simulation of diurnal variations in water use efficiency and radiation use efficiency in an irrigated wheat-maize field in the North China PlainWang, J; Zhao, T; Wang, E; Yu, Q; Yang, X; Feng, L; Pana, X
17-Dec-2015Membrane fouling reduction and improvement of sludge characteristics by bioflocculant addition in submerged membrane bioreactorDeng, L; Guo, W; Ngo, HH; Zuthi, MFR; Zhang, J; Liang, S; Li, J; Wang, J; Zhang, X
1-Jan-2015A method for physics-based dynamic deformation with st. venant kirchhoff elasticity and implicit newmark integratorFeng, X; Wan, W; Zhu, X; Yin, Y; Wang, J
1-Jun-2019A Method of Generating Radiation Null for Periodic Leaky-Wave AntennasLi, Z; Zhang, S; Wang, J; Li, Y; Chen, M; Zhang, Z; Guo, YJ
1-Dec-2018Miniaturized High-Order-Mode Dipole Antennas Based on Spoof Surface Plasmon PolaritonsYang, Y; Li, Z; Wang, S; Chen, X; Wang, J; Guo, YJ
1-Oct-2018MIS-SLAM: Real-Time Large-Scale Dense Deformable SLAM System in Minimal Invasive Surgery Based on Heterogeneous ComputingSong, J; Wang, J; Zhao, L; Huang, S; Dissanayake, G
1-Mar-2012The model of chaotic sequences based on adaptive particle swarm optimization arithmetic combined with seasonal termWang, J; Lu, H; Dong, Y; Chi, D
25-Jul-2012Model predictive control for tracking of underactuated vessels based on recurrent neural networksYan, Z; Wang, J
1-Dec-2012Model predictive control of autonomous underwater vehicles based on the simplified dual neural networkYan, Z; Chung, SF; Wang, J
1-Jan-2014Model predictive control of linear parameter varying systems based on a recurrent neural networkYan, Z; Le, X; Wang, J
1-Jan-2014Model predictive control of multi-robot formation based on the simplified dual neural networkWang, X; Yan, Z; Wang, J
6-Jun-2011Model predictive control of nonlinear affine systems based on the general projection neural network and its application to a continuous stirred tank reactorYan, Z; Wang, J
1-Nov-2012Model predictive control of nonlinear systems with unmodeled dynamics based on feedforward and recurrent neural networksYan, Z; Wang, J
1-Jan-2013Model predictive control of underwater gliders based on a one-layer recurrent neural networkShan, Y; Yan, Z; Wang, J