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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Jan-2018Uncertainty modeling for chaotic time series based on optimal multi-input multi-output architecture: Application to offshore wind speedNiu, T; Wang, J; Lu, H; Du, P
1-Jul-2016A unified model sharing framework for moving object detectionChen, Y; Wang, J; Xu, M; He, X; Lu, H
1-May-2018Unique mechanisms of connective tissue growth factor regulation in airway smooth muscle in asthma: Relationship with airway remodellingWang, J; Faiz, A; Ge, Q; Vermeulen, CJ; Van der Velden, J; Snibson, KJ; van de Velde, R; Sawant, S; Xenaki, D; Oliver, B; Timens, W; ten Hacken, N; van den Berge, M; James, A; Elliot, JG; Dong, L; Burgess, JK; Ashton, AW
1-Dec-2011Using context saliency for movie shot classificationXu, M; Wang, J; Hasan, MA; He, X; Xu, C; Lu, H; Jin, JS
26-Sep-2011Visual clustering of spam emails for DDoS analysisHuang, ML; Zhang, J; Nguyen, QV; Wang, J
Jan-2011Water Consumption of Seven Forage Cultivars under Different Climatic Conditions in the North China PlainPan, G; Ouyang, Z; Luo, Q; Wang, J
1-Apr-2011Water use patterns of forage cultivars in the North China PlainPan, G; Ouyang, Z; Luo, Q; Yu, Q; Wang, J
1-Dec-2005Water, heat fluxes and water use efficiency measurement and modeling above a farmland in the North China PlainQin, Z; Yu, Q; Xu, S; Hu, B; Sun, X; Liu, E; Wang, J; Yu, G; Zhu, Z
9-Nov-2009XKMis: Effective and efficient keyword search in XML databasesLi, J; Wang, J; Huang, M
Jan-2013Zero velocity update with stepwise smoothing for inertial pedestrian navigationLi, Y; Wang, J; Kong, X; Allison Kealy
1-Dec-2009A zoomable shopping browser using a graphic-treemapHuang, ML; Nguyen, QV; Vo, VC; Wang, J
2013区域经济合作与云南省对外开放战略研究 = A study on regional economic cooperation and Yunnan provincial strategy for opening to the outside worldWang, J